Arcusin Autostack Pack V FS 17

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Arcusin Autostack Pack V FS 17

Huhu @ all,
here now my Arcusin AutoStack Pack for the LS 17. In this pack are now the single axle versions of the skins included!

Changelog Version
New Particle systems for grass, hay and straw added. An example video with straw bales can be found under Videos
Particle system for wrapped bale deactivated (Kuhn DLC)
Optimizations to the BaleLoaderExtension.lua

Changelog Version
The index for Ball Collision will now read out in a MP game. Thus the script values ??whose scale can provide to 0 0 0th Previously was the beautiful callstacks because the script did what scales, which was not read out, which is due to a mistake in the last change before the new version setting. You notice yourself: One should test each change, they may still be small, their effects can be quite large!

Changelog Version
Fixed Lua Call Stack when buying or shop on the Dedi Server
The individual skins are now available as a design configuration, thanks at this point to Barny65 who helped me here active!
The Collision of the loaded bale is disabled in a MP game. This could not unload clean, because the collision play in an MP is not disabled quickly enough during unloading.

Changes gegebübern the standard AutoStack from the LS 15:
Collision away the ball grippers
Collision added to the platform
Collision of the loaded bales added, this adapts the ball number at (Small video about this can be found under ‘Videos’.)
reduced operating speed
added as possible real recording Animation
Two Ballenaufname modes added (professional and beginner)
The collection truck now goes automatically to transport position, when it is full

The ball receiving modes. This can set whether you have very accurately to the Ballenranfahren (professional), or not (beginner).

The mods can be found in the category ‘Ball Skills’.

Technical specifications:
Arcusin AutoStack FS 63-72: (including all skins)

Sale price: 45.000 €
Maintenance costs: € 170
Ball capacity: 16 square bales

Rental cost:
Base cost 2,250 €
Per hour worked 2,250 €
Each working day: 450 €
Initial cost: € 4,950

Arcusin AutoStack FS 53-62: (including all skins)

Sale price: 35.000 €
Maintenance costs: € 110 / day
Ball capacity: 10 square bales

Rental cost:
Base Cost: 1.750 €
Per hour worked: 1.750 €
Each working day: 350 €
Initial cost: € 3,580

GIANTS Software GmbH, Ifko[nator]
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