Broad Acres 16x Australian Map (Official Version) V 2 Seasons sugarCane Add-on Straw Harvest FS17

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Broad Acres 16x Australian Map (Official Version) V 2 Seasons sugarCane Add-on Straw Harvest FS17

Version 2 Seasons sugarCane Add-on Straw Harvest
Changelog Broad Acres 16x Australian Map. Version 2.

New additions:

• Gates now widened to accommodate larger equipment and more added.
• Gates can now be opened inside a vehicle.
• Seasons compatible
• Terrain added to paddocks, so map isn’t flat
• sugarCane added to map and sell areas + factories
• Auto storage for hay and wool (large squares, rounds, small squares, wool).
• Animal transportation by train from town to animal area and visa versa
• Equipment storage sheds
• Further storage silos in different areas
• Straw Harvest addon compatible
• Big open BGA bunkers
• Sale points for digestate
• Added storage for carrots, onions etc.
• Storage silos added into main storage area close to town
• Fuel storage in each area
• Trains can now unload in each area instead of just loading.
• Trailer load on composter.
• More equipment added to the TOLL Transport Pack.
• Lager and increased number of vehicles added to startup.


• Pallets removed from TOLL depot
• Storage added for pig food in animal area.
• Woodchip storage added in main sawmill area for train and trailers
• Fixed were wood was being sold when unloading into pallet maker
• More room in bakery area
• Silo triggers moved into correct positions
• Raised storage capacities
• Straw prices v loose bale pricing corrected
• Silage can now be sold either dumping or via the silo kings
• Train FPS drop, and movement issues corrected
• TOLL storage depot now showing correct storage amounts
• SP Mission equipment spawn points adjusted
• Grain outlet animations lining up with augers
• All grains now being accepted into unload areas
• Shader error when lights come on at night
• Floating car park and items
• Straw area widened in pig paddock so its easier to accept loads of straw
• Widened roads and areas around the town.
• Pallet maker rollers increased to hold more pallets.
• Barriers around the pallet spawners to prevent freezing of game if trailer runs over them.
• Vehicle sell area much larger and easier to find
• Clip distances reduced to increase performance.

Welcome to Broad Acres – The first Australian 16x Map for FS17

Broad Acres is a fictional map based around Australia. Broad Acre cropping. The FS17 map has been designed to replicate this situation.

The map is based on a large scale farm called Broad Acres. The father who resides in the north / western corner is down so he looks after the animals and the BGA.

The son on the other hand is trying to prove his worth. He has the responsibility of taking care of all the cropping aspects of the farm, and I must tell you it’s a big job. The son must prove that he can run the farm and make money to make sure he inherits the farm.

Please visit our facebook page to ensure you have a supported version. We offer support through github. Please see the downloadable package on this site.

Please read the Readme and the manual included.

Map is not edited or reuploaded.

Full Credits in Manual provided
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    ich möcht mit meinen freund mal auf einer großen map spielen und die ist Perfekt

  2. Sam says:


    Wondering if you can get the broad acres map for Xbox one?

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