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Cantabria Infinite, multifruit map based on the area of Argoños, Cantabria.

* Seaon MOD COMPATIBLE – 20 buyable factories, Felling area, animals, choppedStraw,
* NEW mCompanyFactory script, BGA, apple, olives, grapes, saltwater…


· Plank Factory: Wood Trunks + WoodChips / Straw = Pallet Planks + WoodChips
· Pallet Factory: Pallet boards / WoodChips = Pallets
· Silage Plant: Grass, DryGrass, chaff = Silage
· Compost Plant: Straw + Water = Compost
· Desalination plant: Salt water = Drinking water + Salt
· BioDiesel Plant: Rape / Sunflower / Soybeans = Diesel
· Greenhouses: Manure / compost + water + pallets = Vegetable pallets
· Wine Factory: Grape + Water + pallets = Wine Pallet + Mustard pallet + Wine Barrel
· Soya milk factory: Drinking water + Soya beans + Gasoil = Milk + pig food + Liquid manure
· Dairy factory: Milk + pallets = dairy pallet
· Food Factory: Milk + salt + cereals + pallet = food pallet
· Beer Factory: cereals + hop + diesel + pallet = beer pallet
· Oil Factory: Rape / Sunflower + diesel + pallet = oil pallet
· Olive Oil Factory: Olives + Water + pallet = pallet of olive oil
· Sugar Factory: Sugar Beet + pallets = sugar pallet
· Liquor Factory: potato / apple + Hops + pallet of sugar + pallet = liqueurs pallet
· Slaughterhouse: Sheep / Pork / Cow + pallet = meat pallet + raw hams pallet
· Drying: Pallet of raw hams + salt + pallet = pallet of cured hams


Chopped Straw For Harvesters – The straw is visible. Cultivating or plowing counts as fertilized –

Change log 1.0 – 1.6
· Eliminated tobacco cultivation and manufacture of cigars
· Eliminated hop cultivation, now the factories that need it can be supplied by buying pallets in the store.
· Hidden snow mask
· Changed start harvester head
· Several bugs fixed
· Updated factory script, new features
· Reduced number of lamps
· Several minor bug fixes
· Mod folder ordered
· Added mipMaps to textures

Change Log 1.7

· Added hops crop and prepared factories
· Added personalized seasons_weather
· Version 1.5.1 checked
· Added GMKFC script

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9 Responses

  1. American Farmer says:

    This was offered to me in Giants mod screen at start menu, installed it and tried to run it, made it to gate where chickens are and crashed(with mods) tried to restart it without mods and crashes in loading screen, wouldn’t recommend it till author figures this out, looked like tons of fun

  2. Matthew Dewey says:

    Won’t allow me to buy factories.

  3. Paul says:

    Anyone else having a hard time moving the bottom row of pallets out of the pallet factory?

  4. Brandon Kite says:

    excellent map but you have a issue with sugar cane. I have tried all three sowers on plowed only and plowed and cultivated fields. the sower lowers and runs but does nothing to affect the field i won’t sow.

  5. Cibus says:

    Is the Salt bugged for anybody else as well?

  6. Daddykool89 says:

    Ive bought the soja milk factory but the end doors are closed .. why

  7. ThatFreak says:

    Love the map but hired workers can’t complete the fields. Had to drop it after that. Hopefully that will get fixed. I really liked the fact that you have to buy production plants. I haven’t seen that on any other map yet.

  8. Horváth Ádám says:

    Map Creator ? Kontak pls to email…

  9. Alan says:

    Hello map creator hired workers don’t work correctly course play also will not work on fields and can not buy factorys please could you look into some off these issues as the map looks great to play

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