FS19 2021 Freightliner Cascadia 72XT/Condo

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FS19 2021 Freightliner Cascadia 72XT/Condo

2021 Freightliner Cascadia 126. 2021 Freightliner Cascadia 72XT/Condo Sleeper.

This is the most realistic truck in FS19. That was my goal. I started this project back in December of 2020 to replace the Cascadia I released over a year ago that needed a lot of improvement. This model is pulled from American Truck Simulator and replaced the old high poly Hum3d model I used on the previous version. This will be the final release of this truck for FS19.. It is a much higher quality mod than the previous version and will make a great addition to your farm for Role Play, Tanker, and grain hauling. It has more options than any truck in the game.

-Daytime Running Lights
-Merritt Headache Racks both standard and with a spare tire.
-Pro-Tech Tanker Hose Rack, as well as optional Pro-Tech Side Boxes. (Note some sides are hidden depending on which tank/faring option you choose)
-ACE Cabinet Rack with animated doors.(N Key)
-Infinite Tank/Step, Grill, Hood Vent, Bumper and Side Fairing Options taken from Freightliners Build and Price.
-You can choose from the 72″ Flat top, and Raised Roof Condo Sleepers.
-Optional Front Bumper Guards that Fold Down with the X Key.
-Opening Hood with mouse control.
-Highly Detailed DD13 Detroit Engine with animated Engine Fan.
-Fender Options: Plastic, Chrome, Paintable AeroX kit, Paintable Half Fenders, Merritt Half and Full Fenders.
-Frame, Interior, Bumper and Side Farings are color configurable.
-DD13-DD16 Detroit engine options with REAL Detroit Sounds.
-Full Color Configurable Steel and Alcoa Wheel Package.
-Standard Cameras, plus Passenger side, Sleeper, and two Driver Side Cameras.
-Accurate High detail Interior.
-Sleeper Fairing Options, and Flat Top AeroX Roof(Note: you WILL have to scroll through all of the options for the side fairings to get to all of the fairing options)..
-Exhaust Options: Grass Burner, Single Stack, Dual Stacks.
-Visor Options: None, Standard, and Chrome.
-Rubber bumper and fairing trim.
-Custom Dirt and Wear.
-Realistic Glass and Clear Plastic.
-Full UDIM, and Error Free.

Whiskey Sierra Modding
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