FS19 AutoDrive Courses for Multimap2019 v1.2

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FS19 AutoDrive Courses for Multimap2019 v1.2

AutoDrive Courses for Multimap2019

Version 1.2
Routing changed to intersection field28 / field33. Since the vehicles have always been bogged down when they came from the west.

Approach points for all outlets and fields
As the AutoDrive courses ask the same questions over and over again how to integrate them:
Read the Readme in the zip-file!
I will NOT answer any questions here.
AutoDrive and CoursePlay are now working together

Since the CoursePlay version 6.01.00231 there is an option that z.Bsp. Self-loading wagon or fertilizer / seed drill drivers can leave the field for unloading or filling with AutoDrive.

This is a brilliant extension. So you can do the field work of the CP driver and let the AD driver use the road network. This saves many many CP downhill routes.

Now it makes all the more sense to drive the road network with AutoDrive.

In the AD version (v1.0.3.5) I use, however, the settings in the AD setup for “field exit” only work for the descenders of CP threshers. Loader wagons and fertilizer / seeders always want to leave the field via the next possible waypoint for emptying or refilling, which of course often leads to collisions with obstacles. Therefore, I have provided all the fields with extra circuits, which lead the drivers on leaving the fields to collision-free exits.

Missing links or other problems please write here in the comments.

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2 Responses

  1. Michael Evangelo says:

    You might get more people to download this mod if you name it better. What does that even mean? AutoDrive Courses for Multimap? What is a multimap? Do you mean courses for multiple maps, plural? At least in the description, you can be more specific. What does this mod even do? Does this mod add more routes from different points or locations in the game? Does it provide routes from every location and from every field? Who knows.

  2. Michael Evangelo says:

    “This is a brilliant extension. So you can do the fieldwork of the CP driver and let the AD driver use the road network. This saves many many CP downhill routes.” So what the hell does CP driver and AD driver supposed to mean?

    I was hoping this was a mod that would add more routes or courses from location to location.
    I translated to English, the ReadMe.txt
    1. says to “Extract config.xml” There is not config.xml. There is a file called “AutoDrive_Multimap_2019_config.xml” file, but no file called “config.xml” So you lose 99% of the people right there. Then step 5 goes into copying the config.xml to the savegame folder. Once again, there are no files in your mod that is called config.xml. I did copy the “AutoDrive_Multimap_2019_config.xml” to my saved game folder, but no other routes or courses showed up.

    So is this a mod that adds courses or routes to FS19 or not?

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