FS19 FarmingStudio21 v1.1.6 BETA

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FS19 FarmingStudio21 v1.1.6 BETA

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– Update can now be started from the start page
– LS19 can now be restarted.
– Changes to FarmingControl
– Added release notes for individual areas (to show changes to the areas in the future)
– Preparation for the LiveOverlay
– Preparations for ScriptEdit & MapEdit.
– Bugfix in the i18n system.
– Code optimizations.
– Fixed code bug.
– UpdateAgend: Bug fixed, code optimized, changes for the download check added. (FarmingStudio21 Update Check)
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If you like our work, please leave a rating at Recommended with Yes or No there.
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Welcome to FarmingStudio21. Our masterpiece is finished 🙂 and we want to share the first version with you 😉
What is FarmingStudio21?
With FarmingStudio21 you can check your log file or edit / manage your mods or edit and manage your game and savegames.
In short it is a must-have tool for the LS19

How Does It Work?
ModStudio: Select Zip, Enter Values (Press Apply on Other, Done)
SavegameStudio: Select savegame, enter values (Press Apply on levels) Done
LogStudio: Log Readout Press, Done.

FarmControl: Manage Game Settings, Manage Mod Settings
ModControl: Manage your mods / mods folder or download your community’s server mods.

What’s New?
We brought New Features for you.
SavegameStudio can now edit the savegame more dynamically.
ModStudio can now edit the mods more dynamically
FarmControl (For managing and starting the game (Currently only starting)

How do I install it?
Quite simply, download the zip file and unzip it. The install wizard will then guide you through the setup process.
What’s Planned for the Future?
We have many ideas for the future, to list them all here would take too long.
If you have any other suggestions for us let us know 😉
Known errors
None known at this time 🙂

Please remember, you change mods for YOU! uploading the modified mods is not allowed without permission of the modder!.

The program is supposed to make you Private changes possible and nothing more.

Data required / accessed
by FarmingStudio21.
FarmingStudio20 Requires the following to work properly:
For the home page and the update notice, an internet connection. (Home page updates every 45sec)
The Farming Simulator folder (By default in the documents)

The mods folder path
The log path

The Farming-Simulator.exe (Just select the shortcut)
Access to create folders (Documents/FarmingStudio20)
Creating a settings file (%appdata%/local/FarmingStudio20)
(Updater only) Deleting and downloading files, as well as Advanced permissions to act in the installation sign.

Another little hint for the people who think I have nothing better to do than to put a virus on your PCs…
The VirusTotal report says there’s nothing there…. (Can be found at the bottom) (Apart from 1. but you can ignore because the engine probably has a bang ^^)
I have something better to do than this ^^
I want to help LS-Com and not make it worse than it already is…

So please save those comments!
Also intriguing
Our Multigaming Clan: visit us
[partners] SimLiveRadio: visit us
VirusScan: [100% VirusFree! See Self!
FarmingStudio21 W.I.P Project (Forbidden Mods) Look inside
And leave feedback there :3

Code/Desing: Nico.BDesign: Daniel.B
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