FS19 Fliegl Transportpack v1.2.0.0

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FS19 Fliegl Transportpack v1.2.0.0

Changelog from version
Fixed bugs:
If you choose the MAN TGX 26,000 Trelleborg, Michelin or Nokian and the steering axle, the handlebar on the front axle is incorrectly animated – [fixed]
drawbar on the Hüffermann SW 180 for the large grain container from the IT runner too short – [fixed]
tarpaulin when closed on the MAN TGX 26.000, Fliegl DK and Fliegl TDK a bit too far back – [fixed]
On the MAN TGX 26.000 HKL, no hoses connect when you connect a trailer at the back – [fixed ]
The hoses are completely missing from the Hüffermann SW 180 – [fixed]
The hoses on all Fliegl trailers are a bit too short and the electrical connection is on the flank side – [fixed]
For all vehicles that have a tarpaulin, the standard color of the tarpaulin was not free of charge – [fixed]
With the MAN TGX 18,000, the target point for the chopper tube is too far forward and the chopper can therefore not fill it. – [fixed] The
Hüffermann SW 180 lacks the special paint configuration – [fixed]
If you choose a special paint , the tarpaulin does not adapt – [fixed]
In the brand overview in the shop the translation is missing for the Hüffermann brand – [fixed]
All The hydraulic lines of trailers are narrower than the electrical cable – [fixed]
special paintwork on the trailers does not quite match the trucks (substructure does not color) – [fixed]
Particle systems for potatoes, sugar beets, wood chips, grass, hay and chopped material go through the board wall when tipping over
. CallStacks are coming – [fixed]
There is no collision on the drawbar of the tandem and triedem trailer – [fixed]
If you buy a bale structure, there may be problems with the seasons – [fixed]

Innovations: The  Hüffermann SW 180 now has the same tire selection as all other vehicles – [done]
The trucks get a few indicator lights, interesting for indoor players (ABS active, tipping process active, etc.) – [done]
Support for the universal Passenger from the Modhub – [done]
light settings adapted to the trucks – [done]
The rims at Nokian, Trelleborg and Michelin replaced by ‘real’ truck rims – [done]
You can color the ‘Fliegl’ lettering when building – [done]
Ad Blue added to the trucks – [done]
You can paint the platform. Then has the color of the body – [done]
You can paint the crane. Then has the color of the forest structure – [done]
You can now also choose speed cameras instead of flashing lights. Choice of white in transparent or orange and with no, 2 or 4 front flashers. – [done]
You can choose a steering axle for the tandem, tridem and Hüffermann – [done]
New manure spreader structure for the MAN TGX 26.000 – [done]
The MAN TGX 26.000 HKL has now received Palfinger decals – [done]
All trailers have hoses for the Suspended condition preserved – [done]
New forest structure for all vehicles except the MAN TGX 26,000 HKL and Hüffermann – [done]

MAN TGX 18,000
MAN TGX 26,000
MAN TGX 26,000 HKL

Fliegl DK (threshing bolster)
Fliegl TDK (tandem)
Fliegl MK (three-axle
swiveling bolster) Fliegl TMK (tridem)
Hüffermann SW 180 (tandem container trailer for the TGX 26,000 HKL)

What can you configure on the vehicles?
Horn: Here you can choose between 12 different horns.
Palift color: Here you can choose the color of the loading arm of the TGX 26,000 HKL
Motor: Here you can choose different motor configurations.
Tires: Here you can choose different tire configurations.
Cabin color: Here you can set the color of the cabin.
Trough color: Here you can specify the color of the trough.
Tarpaulin color: Here you can specify the color of the tarpaulin.
Rim color: Here you can specify the color of the rims.
Mirror: Here you can specify whether the mirror is plastic, chrome or painted. When painted, it has the color of the cabin.
Underride protection: Here you can specify whether the underride protection should be black metal or painted. When painted, it has the color of the cabin.
Front fenders: Here you can specify whether the front fenders should be black plastic or painted. When painted, they have the color of the cabin.
Rear fenders: Here you can specify whether the rear fenders should be black plastic or painted. When painted, they have the color of the cabin.
Window decoration: Here you can buy a small window decoration.
Special paintwork: Here you can choose between different paintwork. The configurations: cabin color, body color, mirror, underride protection, front fenders and rear fenders are overridden!
Hand tools: Here you can choose whether you want to have a broom, a shovel or both.
Construction: Here you can choose between: platform with stanchions, platform without stanchions, platform with rear wall, additional board walls or small front wall.
Tension belt orientation: Only available if you have chosen: platform with stanchions, platform without stanchions or platform with rear wall. This allows you to determine whether the tension belts should go from left to right or from front to back. The front to back orientation is intended for round bales. If you choose this, the configuration for the hand tools is overridden!

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