FS19 Friesenjung Transport Pack v2.2.0.0

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FS19 Friesenjung Transport Pack v2.2.0.0

The well-known and popular Transport Pack converted from the LS17 into the LS19. Including autoload!

Finally a new version. What has changed? not much.
You can now load all bales of the straw salvage addon. In addition, of course, the pellet pallets. In addition, I also installed the hoses (except for the trailers).

It took a long time, now it is finally available!

Many still know it from the LS17, now it has found its way into the LS19 and is well prepared for the Global Company.

The pack contains:
3 tractors with flatbed
3 flatbed trailers with rigid drawbar
3 flatbed trailers with turntable
3 flatbed trailers

All vehicles have free choice of colors, tire configuration and the selection “without AutoLoad”, “AutoLoad Light” and “Autoload”. I will explain the difference between the variants in the video.

The three tractors also have an engine choice and the choice of which logo should be displayed on the door.

If you have an urgent wish that there should be another logo on the doors to choose from, please let me know.

I have not tested all possible combinations. If you find an error somewhere, please let me know so that I can fix it.

Known shortcomings:
When the game is saved (automatically or manually), all goods loaded with UAL are unloaded on the platform
Pallets that are loaded in two layers sometimes hang in the air or overlap with the ones below. This is due to the different heights of the pallets. Unfortunately I can’t change that. It looks stupid, but it’s not critical.

The creator of the EAL script has decided that the script can no longer be delivered in the mod, but should be in the mod folder as a single mod. He also decided that the script should no longer be distributed by modders, but should only be loaded where he publishes it. The advantage is that the script is only once in the folder and that when changing the script, the individual EAL mods no longer have to be changed, but only the script mod has to be replaced.

Unfortunately you have to register with Nexusmods. Unfortunately I can’t change that.

However, you do NOT have to purchase a premium membership. On the page where all the paid packages are offered, please choose none of them and simply scroll down and click on “Create Account”. Then it’s free. I did it myself and don’t pay anything for it.

A small note for everyone who thinks modders give up their rights:

According to §7 of the GIANTS AGB I grant GIANTS very far-reaching rights to my mod. But that only applies to GIANTS. To all others, I only grant the right of use. All other rights remain with me. So it is in §7.1 of the GIANTS GTC


If the customer creates any user-generated content for the games, he retains the rights to the content generated by him. The customer grants GIANTS the right to use the user generated content generated by him.

That means you are welcome to play with the mod. You can also convert it for private use only.
But as soon as you redistribute the mod (changed or unchanged), it is illegal!

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