FS19 FS19 Peasantville 4X v1.1

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FS19 FS19 Peasantville 4X v1.1

V.1.1 Peasantville is a theme map, featuring Space Center Underground Caves sell points

choice of single farm or 4 farm challenge map


Lots of places to build other farms and placebles

single pre built farm with large cow, pig , chicken and sheep husbandry (must choose new farmer mode) everything in main farm can be sold (minus 2 custom garages)

optional 4 empty parcels of land equally sized in middle of map to have all 4 start farms in same location.

if you dont want the pre built single farm start from scratch!

No trees close to fields, moslty meduim fields , majority can be combined easily to create large fields.

fields closer to city (majority of sell locations) have higher purchase values.

Unless gameplay error is found next release will not be until v 1.2 complete


V1.1 changelog

pre built farm for new farmer mode

complete farm, base equipment, fields plus 1 bio gas plant as the start, TMR and Pig Feed mixers, fermenter, barn, silo, rootcrop storage, plus machine shed and large garage for semi etc, with room to expand

all mods storage silo has been increased to 1 million

1 New sell point,(19 total) East Mann Feeds (purchases TMR and Pig Food at a higher rate as a speacialty animal feeds store.)

Flour factory

Cheese factory

Diesel factory

Cookie factory

TMR Mixer, Pig Food Mixer, Fermentor (at player farm, new farmer mode)

2 large forests completed, with 2 new woodchippers

extencive painting, grass and trees

fencing, gates and additional buildings and farms as scenery

98% complete fully functioning

Error free log


19 Sell Points

6 Bio Gas Plants

2 Animal Dealers

2 Forests

all land minus the city and port can be purchased.

59 Fields (fields are more expencive closer to city)

Field 1 (field01) : 26.923 ha

Field 2 (field02) : 20.675 ha

Field 3 (field03) : 30.117 ha

Field 4 (field04) : 8.385 ha

Field 5 (field05) : 10.637 ha

Field 6 (field06) : 11.260 ha

Field 7 (field07) : 6.591 ha

Field 8 (field08) : 5.816 ha

Field 9 (field09) : 7.258 ha

Field 10 (field10) : 7.690 ha

Field 11 (field11) : 13.328 ha

Field 12 (field12) : 5.422 ha

Field 13 (field13) : 6.687 ha

Field 14 (field14) : 4.859 ha

Field 15 (field15) : 7.738 ha

Field 16 (field16) : 8.008 ha

Field 17 (field17) : 12.156 ha

Field 18 (field18) : 20.208 ha

Field 19 (field19) : 15.898 ha

Field 20 (field20) : 9.659 ha

Field 21 (field21) : 7.779 ha

Field 22 (field22) : 4.584 ha

Field 23 (field23) : 2.916 ha

Field 24 (field24) : 2.597 ha

Field 25 (field25) : 5.854 ha

Field 26 (field26) : 11.547 ha

Field 27 (field27) : 8.099 ha

Field 28 (field28) : 5.422 ha

Field 29 (field29) : 4.548 ha

Field 30 (field30) : 5.473 ha

Field 31 (field31) : 5.317 ha

Field 32 (field32) : 7.689 ha

Field 33 (field33) : 8.898 ha

Field 34 (field34) : 5.094 ha

Field 35 (field35) : 8.658 ha

Field 36 (field36) : 5.417 ha

Field 37 (field37) : 9.406 ha

Field 38 (field38) : 7.055 ha

Field 39 (field39) : 6.982 ha

Field 40 (field40) : 1.605 ha

Field 41 (field41) : 1.587 ha

Field 42 (field42) : 2.090 ha

Field 43 (field43) : 1.873 ha

Field 44 (field44) : 4.714 ha

Field 45 (field45) : 2.622 ha

Field 46 (field46) : 6.164 ha

Field 47 (field47) : 11.412 ha

Field 48 (field48) : 7.609 ha

Field 49 (field49) : 9.910 ha

Field 50 (field50) : 8.909 ha

Field 51 (field51) : 10.602 ha

Field 52 (field52) : 31.202 ha

Field 53 (field53) : 7.087 ha

Field 54 (field54) : 12.620 ha

Field 55 (field55) : 11.761 ha

Field 56 (field56) : 41.618 ha

Field 57 (field57) : 19.735 ha

Field 58 (field58) : 20.308 ha

Field 59 (field59) : 27.443 ha


Map requirements

all files are located within the zip file

Unzip and add all files (DO NOT ADD README file) to mod folder

Global Compnay required (supplied in ZIP)

all factory as seperate zip files (supplied in ZIP)

README instructions within zip file

map runs at 60FPS on PC’s with minimum system requirements established by Giants for FS19

***MINOR DECO FOILAGE AND PAINTING LEFT**** next update will require new savegame (can copy your current farm/vehicles items from previous savegame)

I build maps I enjoy to play, have played many hours on this map, no errors so far hope you enjoy it

Original download link only please

Map File size: 468 Mb

total File size: 821 Mb

Would like to thank and credit Stevie, the snake and edward (and anyone else not mentioned) for the factories and placeables, great work as usual …..

As always, feel free to edit this map and feel free to share your edits…..

Muilti fruit and custom production for the multi fruit coming soon

I like maps with good FPS I do not have a fancy PC like most, this map works extremely well on CPU with base game requirements.

SEASONS does not crash map, yet season mask not fully complete yet. will be complete with next release with multi fruit V1.2. (I dont use seasons)

V 1.2 Coming soon (eta new years) includes

Select multi fruit

new sell point names specific to the theme of the map

custom factories

custom sell points

Custom street names

Secret Location to be discovered

Traffic & pedestrians


Peasantville map was started in january 2019

march 2019

may 2019

version 1.0 pre-release Nov 2019 video by mikey farmer

Peasantville 4x, 1st map of 3 maps in total based on “what is a citizen and how does an individual become subject to the government”.

majority today do not know how or why they are subject to goverenment, yet these answers are all found in one book! (applies to all UN Countries and those that reside within those territories.)

Peasantville maps are a fun way to learn more about the system everyone chooses to join and be subject too.

Peasantville 4x fun introduction to simple things citizens choose to ignore that is right in front of everyone (featuring space center sell points, what is a Life Tenant (citizen))

Peasantville 8x fun introduction to the differences in law and equity (featuring space center sell points x2, underground highway network (largest underground highway network ever seen in a game), new models and production)

Peasantville 16x map fun introduction into territorial jurisdictions, free agent vs life tenant (featuring space center sell points x2 , underground highway network (largest underground highway network ever seen in a game), new models and production, free agent territory (farm lands), equipment, play as a free agent)

Peasantville 4x fun introduction – fee simple is an estate upon condition, all property held by life tenants (citizens) are fee simple estates.


The Theme of the map is about “LIFE TENANT” and what that really means, as explained by Blackstone below:

Commentaries on the Laws of England (1765-1769)



Of Estates upon Condition

“II. An estate on condition expressed in the grant itself, is where an estate is granted, either in fee-simple or otherwise, with an express qualification annexed, whereby the estate granted shall either commence, be enlarged, or be defeated, upon performance or breach of such qualification or condition. These conditions are therefore either precedent, or subsequent. Precedent are such as must happen or be performed before the estate can vest or be enlarged; subsequent are such, by the failure or nonperformance of which an estate already vested may be defeated.”

The Challenge of Codification in English Legal History

David Lieberman


theme of the map is LIFE TENANT and what that really means, not the caves 🙂

Peasantville 4x features Space Center Caves

Kansas City Space Center caves in Independence

UnderGround Cities/Military, FEMA, & NWO

yet in the early years of these tunnels was not public and was concidered a myth

Truck Driver Confirms Underground City Beneath US. 2013

Mar 3, 2013

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