FS19 Grain Silo Set With Multifruit v1.2.0.0

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FS19 Grain Silo Set With Multifruit v1.2.0.0

This set contains six silos and six silo extensions (adapted Giants models). All silos are Seasons-ready.

– added snowroofes with seasons
– added the default silo extension with a snow roof
– snowArea of farmsilo S and L adjusted
– added small silo extension with extreme fill capacity (community wish)
– the fill marks can now be switched off via the trigger mark setting in the menu
– removed collision of the unloading pipes
-added small farm silo (also with multifruit)
-added large farm silo (also with multifruit)
-raised capacity of etralarge silo
-adjusted daily upkeep
-fixed price of XL multifruit silo

Small Grain Silo S / Small Multifruit Silo S
-Price: 110.000€ / 120.000€
-Capacity: 100.000 litres per filltype
-Upkeep: 30€ / day
-filltypecategory: ‘farmsilo’ / ‘bulk’

Large Grain Silo L / Large Multifruit Silo L
-Price: 180.000 € / 195.000 €
-Capacity: 250.000 litres per filltype
-Upkeep: 45 € / day
-filltypecategory: ‘farmsilo’ / ‘bulk’

Extralarge Grain Silo XL / Extralarge Multifruit Silo XL
-Price: 250.000 € / 275.000 €
-Capacity: 500.000 litres per filltype
-Upkeep: 60 € / day
-filltypecategory: ‘farmsilo’ / ‘bulk’

Small Silo Extension (XL) / Small Multifruit Silo Extension (XL)
-Price: 60.000€ (120.000€) / 65.000€ (130.000€)
-Capacity: 75.000 (1.000.000) litres per filltype
-Upkeep: 15€ (20€) / day
-filltypecategory: ‘farmsilo’ / ‘bulk’

Large Silo Extension / Large Multifruit Silo Extension
-Price: 100.000 €
-Capacity: 100.000 litres per filltype
-Upkeep: 25 € / day
-filltypecategory: ‘farmsilo’ / ‘bulk’

‘farmsilo’ = wheat, barley, canola, maize, oat, sunflower, soybean (and more if map supports)
‘bulk’= every bulk filltype (depends on the map)

The silos have a fill mark for an easier positioning of the trailer under the unloading pipe. This mark can be switched off or on at the silo outside the vehicle or in the menu with the trigger markers setting.

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