FS19 Harsefeld 2K19 Map v1.0

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FS19 Harsefeld 2K19 Map v1.0

Map Harsefeld has nothing in common with the real role model except the name.
The construction of this map took about 3 weeks and it is built up to date everything that is possible and available in the LS19.
So do not expect any miracles or world novelties. We can only block what is available.

The map has intentionally only about a quarter of the normal map size.
As it looks like so far, this map will remain our only map for LS19, but that does not mean that this map will not be extended.
There is more than enough space!
Out of time and lack of information Regarding the subject of modding was unfortunately no longer in it as a new building.
You can definitely play with many people on the Dedi, but who is planning a 16-person chopper party, should initially prefer to play standard

If there are errors then please report in the channel “#bugreports” in the discord. Thank you!

Please keep in mind that most standard placeable objects have too large a radius to set them as you want,
be economical with the space you have on the map.
For placeable objects we recommend to use the Mod PlaceAnywhere:
placeAnywhere Mod

Key data:
New construction of the map for LS19
paver Starthof on all difficulty levels
18 fields + 4 purchasable areas approx. 30ha
missions Fertilizable meadows
Ls 19 Standard functions installed
Transport missions and field jobs
2 New BGAs installed
New sawmill Feature installed (lumber conveyor)
New decoration elements
Gimicks to search. … for all ages

Annimated doors and gates
Aniemierte Deko
Annimiertes HofSilo
Ai traffic including pedestrian
2 large forest areas purchasable

Buyable areas:
Forst 1 + Sawmill
Forst 2
Kleine Flächen und Rest Map

Field overview: »Field 1: 2,048 ha
» Field 2: 1,684 ha
»Field 3: 1,190 ha
» Field 4: 1,013 ha
»Field 5: 0.581 ha
» Field 6: 0.761 ha
»Field 7: 1,152 ha
» Field 8: 1,292 ha
»Field 9: 0.146 ha
» Field 10: 0.651 ha
»Field 11: 1.065 ha
» Field 12: 2.059 ha
»Field 13: 1.993 ha
» Field 14: 1.929 ha
»Field 15: 1.365 ha
» Field 16: 1.198 ha
»Field 17: 0.676 ha
»Field 18: 0.762 ha

Known bugs:
Silo level on PDA not visible, but are filled according to the difficulty! Places and names of the transport missions are not adjusted.

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