FS19 Irgendwo in Thuringen 2 v2.1.0.0

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FS19 Irgendwo in Thuringen 2 v2.1.0.0

# Control / adapt Kuhstall Hof 3 (fixed / new savegame or attached file used!)
# Start Farmland (SP / Light) is at Court 5 (only for new Savegame)
# Gate Kuhstall Hof1 Correct
# Floor yard 1 hall adjust (fixed, custom but new savegame) (or exchange file)
# Liquid fertilizer adjust bearing output
# Lumber warehouse output yard 3
# Check and adjust feeds court 5
# Adjust Parking Cars (Will be fixed in later versions)
# Courtyard 3 can not be removed from its own silo and stored MP (ID incorrect) (For the existing savegame, the ID must be 1 to 3)
# Farm 1 and 2 store multi-hay hay. (Fixed)
# Hof 1 Maximum number of animals in stables (Fixed)
# Yard 1 Lack of store image fix and display in the shop disabled (fixed)
# Nursery, prob. With pallets (changed pallets, but can now only be sold at the shop or at new savegame at the sawmill)
# all BGA fermented Kapa. increase (done)
# Warning Physics Slurry Yard 5 (fixed)
# Straw bales accepted at cow / pigsty
There is a folder for existing savegames. The date dadrin you can insert in your Savegames.
!!! Please pay attention to hinweiß !!!! And always make a backup !!!!

Kastor, LS19, D-S agricultural service, new map and no end in sight?
Properly read, even for LS19 brings the D-S-AS again a solid map at the start!

You know each other on the “Somewhere in Thuringia” for the LS17, you are familiar with every angle and field, you think there is nothing left. Then hold on to your caps and strap your boots to your feet.

Reloaded, warmed up, expanded … does not get us in the bag. Brand new, real reconstructed and with great attention to detail presents the D-S-AS the

Somewhere (real) in Thuringia Part 2
!!! 4-fold style !!!

No expense or effort, no sleepless nights or annoying family members, we have spared to provide you exclusively a brand new map full of fields and forests.
The elevation model, the fields, forests and roads have been created from the available Google Earth data of the region and additionally

expect you among other things
• 121 purchasable plots (for the new rich)
• 60 fields of all shapes and sizes (for young and old, young and old)
• 40 forests (for all wood worms, chain saws and Ponnser)
• 16 meadows (not only for vegetarians and flower children)
• 5 outlets (where wealth grows)
• 3 lakes for water abstraction (water niches should have been sighted)
• 2 purchase points for fertilizer, seeds and lime (nothing cares about nothing)

The whole thing is garnished by 3 small villages and an AI traffic, which does not stop you, but also does not tolerate any hassle! We all have no time
Also, the angles have been adjusted (32 instead of 2), because who ever tilled only 45 or 90 degrees
You can manage everything from a total of 5 farms, strategically distributed and 4 of them with attached BGA. A timber yard does not need a gas drive
All the yards are already equipped with halls in advance, meaningful or not, but enough space to expand and even become creative
There are also storage facilities for the individual fruits, so no wish should be left open.
The card is of course suitable MP and designed for it, makes the SP but in addition to a lot of work as much fun.
Yes and also we know that our Comm is demanding and does not settle for simple farming. All of you, there are more things to manage, process and let off steam …
as soon as the scripts and possibilities are created
The D-S-Agrarian Service Team and I wish you fun hours, happy farming and happy farming
MfG Kastor
Last but not least, a few words of my beta test team, which has spent hours and meticulously (with lots of hops flower tea and sweat and enthusiasm), has tried to uncover all the errors and inconsistencies.
The map is Helfertauglich but not helper optimal, the streets are narrow and curse is no shame. All types of fieldwork were tested, including brushing, liming and whatever else you hate. It works and even brings something!
!!! Important!!!! New savegame is needed.

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