FS19 Irgendwo in Thuringen 2 v3.0.0.1

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FS19 Irgendwo in Thuringen 2 v3.0.0.1

Pallet sale Löffler, fixed
M + vehicles, new store images, more clearly recognizable
fruitTypes.xml, incorrect entry for standard fruits in connection with fruit destruction 2.0, fixed
Dung storage yard 1, below 4k level message Land not owned, fixed
Juice factory pallet input, customized
Bunker set U, shop bug, fixed
Wood chips / bark mulch direct sales at the SW, fixed
Icon at Loeffler Direktverkauf, added
Bulk goods storage yard 1 and yard 3, Filltypes “dried up” added
Floor marking GEA mixfeeder Hof3, fixed
Decorative objects under Seasons, Coli removed if not visible
Ball trigger added to Composter
Purchase point at the fertilizer / seed storage yard 1 removed
Sawmill wooden beam issue, fixed
Fixed bug with texture path under MAC systems

Costs, troubles, sleepless nights, trouble with the family, utopian electricity costs (fully organic, of course), beer, fast food and gray hair, we have accepted everything again in order to sweat our brow (no, we didn’t wear diapers), you … yes, exactly to you of our beloved Com, again exclusively, to enable the much loved and almost over played Thuringia 2, in an even better and more error-free version.
The elevation model, the fields, forests and roads are created using the available Google Earth data for the region, have now been checked for authenticity by even Austrians and Bavarians, have already been minimally adjusted in this update and also provided with a new decorative layer. You can expect, as most of you already know

• 121 buyable plots (for the old rich and those who want to become one)
• 60 fields of all shapes and sizes (for young and old and for all those who like to work)
• 40 forests (for all woodworms, tree cuddlers, chainsaws and pissers)
• 16 meadows (not only for vegetarians and flower children, also for green lovers)
• 5 sales points (on which wealth grows and the vehicle fleet increases)
• 3 lakes for water extraction (water mermaids have been sighted, but are bitchy)
• 2 purchase points for fertilizer, seeds and lime (more yield, more money)

and brand new in V3.0.0.0 * (who reads this)
• Lime works installed
• Cider factory installed
• Slaughterhouse built
• Installed gravel pit
• Sawmill (Kastor Sawmill Pack) installed
• Global market installed
• Manure System by wopster ready
• Maize Plus Forage / Horse Extension by The-Alien-Paul / Modellicher ready
• Certified Filltypes
• Autoload SP / MP items, no need to exchange the XML
• vineyard
• Winery
• Manure / compost factory
• Large-scale nursery (tomatoes, lettuce)
• Feed factory
• Löffler building materials center
• Horse paddocks to buy (Muntscha and Zickra)
• Hof 1 New cowshed / Trioliet feeding system compatible
• Hof 3 new cowshed / GEA feeding system compatible
• Complete map foliage layer / decoration revised
• Marker for teleporting to individual productions
• Dynamic construction sites at different locations during the seasons
• Christmas market decoration in winter (only under season)
• Adapted vehicles / tools >>> DSA category in the shop
• Animated gates and flaps on the silos, only visual effect, are lazy people
• Schmitz CargoBull Cooltrailer included separately in the download
• Separately in the download MKS32 Manure Hose Ready Trailer for various fill types
• separately in the download Rumbler Van with cold room

* all major changes can also be read in credits_changelog.xml

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