FS19 Kraz 255b New revised v2.6.0.5

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FS19 Kraz 255b New revised v2.6.0.5

here the Kraz 255B in the revised version for the FS19.

Completely revised
a few things fixed and further adapted
Zip size (MB) reduced
Original Credits Authors (FS15 / FS17 / FS19)

Properties truck:
– Power: 177 kW / 240 hp;
– speed: 80 km / h;
– Volume of a fuel tank: 330 l.
– costs: 65,500 €;
– Choose the basic color;
– choice of color scheme;
– Choose the color of the rim;
– engine selection (YaMZ-238 / YaMZ-6585-04);
– choice of wheels (highway / swamp);
– The choice of the design (set frame / additional lighting);
– Removable hood covers;
– dynamic hoses;
– Animated mudflaps;
– Animated drive shafts;
– Animated suspension;
– the choice of color
– the choice of wheels
– the choice of body color and rims
– the choice of the design
– The model has its own interior
– The model has its own wheels
– The model has its own sound
– Work lights
– The dust from the wheels
– traces of wheels
– Dirt / Washable
– detailed model
– animated parts

Version 2.5:
– Added modification Kraz 255B dump truck
– minor changes

Version 2.4:
– some technical optimizations
– Improved rims models for bast shoes
– Improved appearance of tires VID-201 (Lapti): additional side patterns and markings
– Authentic tires VI-3 added
– Improved dirt textures for tires and wheels

Changes in v1.4:
– added animation of the front suspension
– Improved animation of the rear suspension
– Some models have been replaced (now the right cans have normal canisters on Kraz ‘side and not something blue).
– Some textures have been replaced
– At the request of the community, another bike type with higher suspension and a larger gradient was added
Added the ability to move the saddle, allowing Kraz to be used on all trailers
– Added new design options, now you can remove not only the spare wheel but also the rear fenders

Version 1.3.1:
– Attach the fixed light source to a model with a frame.

What’s new in version 1.3:
– names of authors of mod
were corrected – the lights of the train started to work
– The coupling angles have been increased
– The visual post was attached to the inside of authentic Bolotnikov slices
– antenna dirt and beeps
have been added – lights have been added cockpit
– The temperature sensor and the pressure sensor have been cleaned up
– The wiper work has been adjusted
– The appearance of the instrument displays has been corrected
– Replaced the cardan model.
– At the request of the community Kraz is now available in 2 versions: with and without bows
– There are two additional options for both options: removing the spare wheel and removing the side walls of the engine
– The passenger was bored and left us 🙂

Other information about trucks:
– The collision zone was changed so that Kraz could overcome higher obstacles (the calculation was for hemp and tree trunks lying on the ground).
– The travel has been significantly increased and the stiffness reduced: Kraz sags under load and plays nice wheels in the field.
– Some textures and models have been updated (at least).
– Available selection of primary color, color design and one of the discs.
– There are 2 engines to choose from: the authentic YMZ-238 for 240 armed forces and the modern modification YMZ-6585-04 for 420 armed forces (believe me, no longer needed, 1962 Nm pull in every situation).
– 3 Types of Wheels: Road (though who needs them?) + Boggers with discs that can be painted + Boggers with authentic discs.
– Work lights, pay particular attention to the lights turned out to be very realistic.
– Animated rear suspension (front is still oak).
– Working tachometer + speedometer + fuel level
– dirty / washed.
– The protocol is clean …

So there are no questions about switching on the work light:
F – close -> remote -> switch off
Num 5 – work front
Num 6 – work at the back
It is not a BAG that at “F” does not turn on the work lights, so purposely done.

Have fun with it.
Mfg Mad Dog

Original Autoren (FS15/FS17/FS19)sanya1970, henly20, Norther_Strike, Koral, werik, Silak_68, Mad Dog, Lech, Axary
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