FS19 Map Herzberg by Spieler11 Update v02

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FS19 Map Herzberg by Spieler11 Update v02

Version update 02
The chicken coop at the main building was removed from the fermenter and two larger ones were installed.
The conversion is necessary to meet the needs of eggs at the bakery.
Now you can also wash large vehicles comfortably because there is now enough space.
Unfortunately the whole thing has a “bitter aftertaste” …..
A new game must be started

This map was created according to my individual ideas and inclinations.
In particular, the terrain and the associated road layout must be suitable for everyday use for me.
I don’t mean unrealistic slopes.
It should be clear to everyone that a map of the objects that modders or Giants have created “lives”.
No map builder can say of himself that he created all the objects that he has built.
Therefore I would like to take this opportunity to thank all modders whose objects I have installed.
A name will be mentioned separately in the credits (see end of article) as far as I know.

To the map:
I added white cabbage, red cabbage, tobacco and poppy seeds as additional fruits.
These fruits are needed to be able to put certain productions into operation
Since I don’t need any free space for placeable objects myself, I haven’t set up any.
The map is not helper-friendly, i.e. there are no square or rectangular fields.
Certain fields require a headland that you have to create yourself before you can use the helper.
Fields can also be merged.
The reset point places your vehicles directly in front of the courtyard.

Game operation:
At the start of the game, the farm is already completely part of the Vfg ..
Why everything is already available at the start of the game is due to the fact that the animal pens are tried after the start of the game
to buy failed because they could not be placed exactly where I had intended them in the GE.
A different placement than the intended place led to problems with the terrain design or with the planting and decoration of the animal stalls.
Selling to get money is not recommended because the same problem arises when buying back later that I have already described.
As a small compensation, the vehicle fleet is rather poorly designed.
To the storage facilities, there is a large grain silo at Vfg.
You also have a warehouse for seeds, lime and fertilizer in solid form, as well as a warehouse for herbicides,
Water and liquid fertilizer these of course have to be filled first.
In order to use the courtyard petrol station, it must also be filled first.
For the transport of liquids you need a suitable trailer (the originals don’t work because they can only load water or milk).
To buy articles you have three points of sale at the Vfg.
The locations are the petrol stations as well as the port, cattle dealer and canning factory buy outlets.
Of course, it is also possible to buy from the shop, but the articles are only made available on pallets.
Lime can be bought at the train station or produced in the gravel works.

Game tip:
Rent a Rubicon to take on lucrative spray jobs.
If your income is high enough, the first thing you should do is buy the forest to get into forestry.
Only part of the felled wood should be sold. A third of the felled wood should be used for the production of woodChips.
These are needed to put the oil delivery system into operation to get crude oil.
After commissioning the oil production system, it would make sense to start the production of Pharmatec as the second to produce fertilizers,
To produce herbicide, liquid fertilizer and diesel, this presupposes that you have raw oil to the Vfg.
The further course of the game is then your own affair.

Vehicle fleet:
As already written, if you already have a complete yard at the start of the game, the vehicle fleet is quite poor but feasible.

At the beginning of the game you have two fields (5, 11) that are ready for harvest plus the meadows on the farm, a total of 15 fields are available from 1ha to around 32ha.

Missions are possible in the following fields 1,2,3,4,6,7,8,9,10,12,13,14,15
Field 1 (field01): 16,252 ha
Field 2 (field02): 24,030 ha
Field 3 (field03): 32,186 ha
Field 4 (field04): 6,592 ha
Field 5 (field05): 1,012 ha
Field 6 (field06): 16,798 ha
Field 7 (field07): 16,991 ha
Field 8 (field08): 11,344 ha
Field 9 (field09): 10,604 ha
Field 10 (field10): 8,543 ha
Field 11 (field11): 7,846 ha
Field 12 (field12): 21,776 ha
Field 13 (field13): 13,687 ha
Field 14 (field14): 21,543 ha
Field 15 (field15): 22,493 ha

When pricing the fields / parcels, I used the average price per hectare in Schleswig-Holstein.
This is currently around € 28,000 per hectare.
In order not to make it too cheap, I have increased the factor a little.

Selling points:
The following sales outlets are available:
KrebacherMuehle, harbor, train station, Ledli, dairy, riding stables Meier,
Sawmill, spinning mill, barn, BGA, port filling station and the Waldner country inn.

Wheat, barley, maize, soybeans, seeds, liquid fertilizers, lime, fertilizers, weed killers, white cabbage, red cabbage, sugar

Wheat, barley, rapeseed, sunflowers, soybeans, maize, potatoes, sugar beets, sugar cane, pork feed, poppy seeds, sugar, red cabbage, white cabbage, raw oil, gravel, sand, tobacco, glue binders

Wheat, barley, rapeseed, sunflowers, soybeans, maize, potatoes, sugar beets, sugar cane, pig feed, sugar, poppy seeds, seeds, fertilizer, white cabbage, red cabbage

Milk, eggs, potatoes, sugar, the following items are only accepted on pallets: UHT milk, quark, sausage, mixed salad, fabrics, schnapps, cigarettes, bread


Meier riding stables:
Oats, gravel, sand, grass_windrow; dryGrass_windrow, straw

WoodChips, wood


grass_windrow; dryGrass_windrow, straw

Manure, slurry, silage, grass_windrow, dryGrass_windrow

Port gas station:
Diesel, crude oil

Landgasthof Waldner:
Eggs, potatoes, the following items are only accepted on pallets: sausage, schnapps,

Production facilities:
In order to operate the production facilities, it is necessary to purchase the farmland beforehand.
ea is relatively small to keep the price affordable at the beginning of a game.
The production facilities are primarily intended to get products for your farm.
A sale of certain products e.g. sugar, schnapps is possible. More detailed information is shown in the sales point menu in the game.

The following production facilities are at Vfg:
Gravel plant, Pharmatec, dairy, distillery, slaughterhouse, feed mixer, seed production, weaving mill,
Wood processing plant, canning factory, sawmill, oil conveyor system, cigarette factory, bakery
A direct purchase of the raw materials is not possible.
Everything has to be delivered.

Submission: tree trunks
Reception: WoodChips

Gravel plant:
Delivery: diesel
Reception: lime, sand, gravel

Delivery: sunflowers, rapeseed, crude oil
Reception: diesel, herbicides, liquid fertilizers, fertilizers in solid form

Delivery: milk, sugar, sunflowers
Reception: long-life milk, quark

Delivery: potatoes, sugar beets, sugar cane
Reception: schnapps, sugar

Submission: animals, compound feed, straw, water (straw is only accepted in bales)
why giving up mixed feed, straw and water.
In order to reduce the stress of the animals before slaughter, they remain in the enclosure for two more days (fictitious); production begins when all raw materials have been delivered.
Product: sausage

Feed mixer:
Delivery: barley, corn, soybeans, sugar beet, potatoes, silage, straw and hay (straw and hay are only accepted in bales)
Product: Pig feed and compound feed / concentrated feed

Seed production:
Delivery: wheat, rapeseed, liquid fertilizer
Product: seeds

Submission: wool
Product: fabrics

Oil delivery system:
Submission: woodChips
Product: crude oil

Canning factory:
Submission: white cabbage, red cabbage

Product: Mixed salad packed as a ready-made meal in a cardboard box

Cigarette factory:
Submission: Tobacco as a bale here is the harvester (CASEIH 635 1.0.0 needed by SirSim to get on Forbidden Mods)
Product: cigarettes packed in cardboard box

Donation: wheat, sunflower and poppy seeds
Product: bread packed in baskets on pallets

Wood processing plant:
Submission: tree trunks
Product: laminated beams

Straw can be sold at the cattle dealer and at the Meier Reiterhof.

There is a water extraction point near the farm.

In the BGA you can produce silage in the conventional way.
This means tipping suitable material into the drive-through silos, compacting it and allowing it to ferment by covering it.
After a certain amount of time, you will receive silage, which you then dump into the SiloKing.

Forestry is well suited to get some money relatively quickly.
There is sufficient forest near the sawmill, but the plot must be purchased beforehand.
Here you can quickly and easily fell trees with the appropriate forestry equipment to sell them in the sawmill.
The “Fertilizing” mission assignments also offer good additional income.
You can also buy a wind turbine and place it in order to receive an hourly amount of money.
For the use of your land, you get a small amount of money from the mobile operator every hour, as a kind of lease.
There are three other ways to install a cellular antenna.
Once near the harbor entrance, once near the cigarette factory and once near Landgasthof Waldner.
The company wood processing plant produces glue binders the raw material for this are tree trunks these must be in
Opposite piece of whale felled and transported over the natural stone wall into the river.
They are then pulled into the production building by means of a drag chain and processed there.
The finished product is then parked in front of the building and can be sold in the port.

Giants Software GmbH Spieler11 Ausführliche Credits entnehmt ihr bitte aus dem Spoiler im Beitrag
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