FS19 Mercedes Dlk Mulheim an der Ruhr v1.0

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FS19 Mercedes Dlk Mulheim an der Ruhr v1.0

Automatic turntable ladder DLA (K) 23/12 (L32 XS 2.0) according to DIN 14043 of the Mühlheim an der Ruhr fire department, based on a Mercedes-Benz Atego 1529 F BlueTEC (Euro5) and a fire service expansion and installation by Rosenbauer Karlsruhe GmbH & Co.KG from Karlsruhe.

The vehicle is stationed at the fire and rescue station 1 and forms an elementary part of the fire truck stationed there.

Technical specifications:
Chassis: Mercedes-Benz Atego 1529 F BlueTec (Euro5)
Engine: Mercedes-Benz OM 936
Engine type: 6-cylinder in-line diesel engine according to the Euro5 emissions standard
Displacement: 6,374 cm³
Power: 210 kW / 286 hp at 2,200 rpm
Torque: 1,120 Nm at 1,200-1,600 rpm
Transmission: fully automatic
Empty weight: 14.460 kg
permissible total weight: 15,500 kg
permissible axle load (front / rear): 5,700 kg / 10,500 kg
Length: 10,020 mm
Width: 2,500 mm
Height: 3,270 mm
Wheel base: 4,760 mm
Top speed: 100 km / h
Bodybuilder: Rosenbauer Karlsruhe GmbH & Co.KG – 76185 Karlsruhe
Year of construction: 2017
Commissioning: 2017
Crew: 1/1 // 2nd


4-way Metz horizontal support
Support width: 2,500 to 4,850 mm
All supports can be extended individually and continuously
Supports with ground pressure monitoring
Head chair:

Ladder chair with level control up to 14 ° (max. Inclination of the stand area)
COMFORT main control station with reclining backrest and fold-out roof
Analogue load display (ABA) on the ladder set next to the main control station
Platform on the right for power generators and traffic cones
Ladder set:

5-piece ladder set with tiltable cage arm made of fine-grain steel in anthracite gray, powder-coated
Working height: 32 m, basket floor height: 30 m
Lifting load on the load eyelet on the lowest ladder section: 4,000 kg, lifting load on the load eyelet on the ladder tip: 600 kg
Power supply to the 24 V / 230 V / 400 V rescue cage
2 LED headlights on the lowest ladder section, adjustable
1 LED headlight strip under the bottom ladder section
Riser pipe in the uppermost ladder section and in the cage arm made of aluminum tubing and flexible pressure hose at the transition between the uppermost ladder section and cage arm and between the cage arm and rescue cage
Rescue cage:

Metz rescue cage with a load capacity of 500 kg (5 people) according to EN 14043
4 access options, 3 from the front and 1 from the rear, 3 entrances can be walked upright
Control station
2x LED work lights (Karl Meister – LED Power) on the sides of the basket
2x LED headlights on the front of the basket
230 V / 400 V sockets
Bracket for headlights, stretcher bracket and turning tube
C pressure outlet on the front of the basket
Rosenbauer RM15 turning pipe, flow rate: 2,000 l / min, remotely controllable from the main control station and the basket
Storage flap with C hose and hollow jet tube

Target storage system (TMS)
Vertical rescue system (VRS; the rescue cage only moves vertically)
Automatic retrieval of the ladder set in the ladder storage, automatic retrieval function (ARF)
Emergency operation 400 V via power generator
Loading / equipment:

Reversing lights on the exterior mirrors
backup camera
Traffic warning system consisting of 6 yellow FG Hänsch Sputnik SL at the rear and 2 yellow FG Hänsch Integro Universal flashers on the ladder chair
Ambient lighting
Power generator
Stretcher stretcher Kombi SKL, attached to the basket floor, payload: 300 kg
Voltage warning device on the ladder park.

Die Mod Tester, Fire2367 Modell von Nagilak 1998
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