FS19 Mercedes Unimog U5000 6×6 Pack v2.0

FS19 Trucks

FS19 Mercedes Unimog U5000 6×6 Pack v2.0

Unimog U 5000 6×6

Price: 165000 €
Max. Power output: 218 hp
Maximum speed: 81 km/h
Maintenance costs: 40 € / day

Unimog U 5000 6×6 with three axes – High payload, more applications

For over 10 years, the Unimog U 5000 has been the professional vehicle from the high off-road Unimog series, which is designed for extreme off-road mobility, twistability and traction.
is specialized in. The third axle of the new 6×6 version has now extended the range of applications of the Mercedes-Benz all-wheel-drive specialist even further. Fit for additional
It will be used for 17 tons gross vehicle weight and a payload of around 10 tons. This makes it a flexible all-rounder for special applications in particularly difficult
Terrain in which heavy loads or superstructures have to be transported and at the same time the highest demands are placed on off-road mobility. From the energy industry to
to the fire brigade, but also in disaster control, the new three-axle truck transports heavy emergency equipment, crane and tank extinguisher superstructures just as reliably to targets both on and off the ground.
Road like work teams and maintenance teams.
Unimog quality and compact design on three axles
In the technical design, the new three-axle Unimog relies on proven components that ensure the off-road capability and durability of the robust heavyweight.
are 100% guaranteed. Twistable frame, all-wheel drive on all three portal axles, engageable differential locks, coil springs, eight forward and one reverse
six reverse gears, a turning circle diameter of just 19.5 m, low ground pressure due to even weight distribution on the three single tyre axles with
The coarse-tolled tread pattern and the optional tirecontrol system ensure high traction, good manoeuvrability and a smooth, soil-protecting tyre pressure control system.
Getting through even in rough terrain. On request, an additional off-road group with eight forward and eight reverse gears improves handling considerably.
When empty, the chassis of the U 5000 6×6 weighs exactly 7.24 tons. The offset frame with welded-in tubular cross members has a total length of 7400 mm on the three-axle vehicle.
The wheelbase is 3900 + 1400 mm, supplemented by the front and rear overhangs of 1050 mm each. The third drive axle is installed by the Unimog conversion partner.
Paul in Passau. The thrust tube concept, the large ground clearance of 480 mm and the favourable slope angle of up to 50 degrees have been adopted 1:1 from the U 5000. As a result
maintain full off-road mobility as well as high efficiency through long maintenance intervals of 1200 hours of operation and the economical
Fuel consumption.
Weightlifter in difficult to access terrain.
10 tons payload make the U 5000 6×6 also a reliable, flexible and self-sufficient operating
Allrounders, for example in the construction and energy industries. There it transports pipes and lines to the most remote regions. They are loaded and unloaded, for example, with
an assembled crane. The pipes are laid by the work team, which is also brought on board, and which also carries out maintenance work for comparable applications.
The three-axle Unimog is also particularly predestined for use in opencast mining, where it can safely transport heavy equipment, operating materials and work teams through difficult terrain to the next site.
to the place of action.
Special operations in case of forest fires and catastrophes
For forest fire fighting, the tank volume of the extinguishing agent can be increased up to 7000 litres. The often adverse conditions on the way to the source of the fire can be
All-steel cabin almost nothing to wear. In disaster control, large water pumps and other heavy equipment can be used due to the optionally available wading capability of up to 1,
2 m to emergency areas even through flooded regions safely and quickly.
Safe, comfortable and environmentally friendly
The ergonomic design, the seating position in the low-vibration area behind the front axle, the 3-point mounting of the all-steel driver’s cab and the coil springs on all
three axles enable fatigue-free driving and working over long periods of time… Alternatively, special bus bodies are also available, in which up to 30
people are accommodated comfortably and safely.
The three-axle all-wheel professional is environmentally friendly even when travelling in sensitive landscape, water and nature conservation areas. The standard OM 924 LA in-line diesel engine with 160
kW (218 PS) output and a maximum torque of 810 Nm meets the Euro 5 standard thanks to BlueTec technology. The engine is an alternative for special applications and export markets.
is also available in a Euro 3 version.

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