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FS19 R.D.C. FS19 v1.7.0.0


Informative note:
– Wow, it seems that winter has arrived.

Cloudy days will increase and sunny days will decrease.
There will be many days of snowfall that will complicate the harvests and we will feed the cattle with large quantities.
The fauna has migrated: Ducks and hawks will not be seen. Fish are kept in lakes and rivers.

You can see new traffic vehicles and snow plows on the road throwing salt!

Like winter 2019, this winter 2020 includes the Christmas special.
– For the little ones at home, look at the sky at night, you can see Santa Claus!
– You can see a large Christmas tree with gifts in town.

You can continue with your saved game.

R.D.C is translated into: English, Spanish, German, French and Italian.
If you like R.D.C and its features, and you want me to translate it into your language. Comment on the official Farming simulator forum.

– As I develop other vehicles, I will add them in future updates at different stations.

Winter has arrived!
– New Winter texturing.
– In terrain edit mode you will paint the grass, plants or snowy bushes.
– The grass and plants are shorter, the bushes are kept in size.
– The apple, orange and vine fields will not give you income.
– The fields of lettuce, tomatoes and cauliflower are protected with large protections to continue receiving income.
– The olive field will be snowy.
– The orchards have also been protected for the winter.
– New Winter PDA.
– Retouching some textures and objects.
– Added characters to security booths of factories and companies.
– Ducks and hawks have migrated.
– Added other products to the return point at the feed mill.

– The wind will be stronger.

– The texture of the terrain is maintained for Autumn / Winter and for spring / summer it will change to the previous texture that I developed.
So you will have a visual change of the arable land, according to the season of the year.

– Retouching.
– New Teff crop texturing.
– New texturing of pastures cultivation.

– Now chickens require calcium in their diet.
– Increase the consumption of feed and straw.
– Increases the production of manure and slurry.

– Winter.
– Christmas tree in town.
– RDC spruce.
– New traffic.
– Calcium stone for chickens.
– Skewer Pacas RDC. For square and / or round bales. Larger and greater transport in front loaders.
– 2 New mixed ration mixers, kuhnSLC141_RDC. To produce more quantity.
Note: (Read description in the store).

– Winter: Many snowy and cloudy days. Very few sunny days.
– The days of snowfall will last between 5 hours and a maximum of 10 hours of the game.

– Not compatible with Seasons.
– Not compatible with Straw Harvest.

Enjoy! and Happy Holidays. See you in the spring of next year with more content and news

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