FS19 Slowakisches Dorf v1.2

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FS19 Slowakisches Dorf v1.2

Welcome to the Slovak village. This is a fictional map based on the actual location in the Slovak Republic.

Version 1.2
(ATTENTION IMPORTANT – this update requires a new game) The
number of fill types that can be loaded onto the floor is increased, this allows more mods to be used which add new fill types that can be loaded onto the floor, example Seasons + Addon straw salvage …
Added Hungarian language.

Required modifications:

Global Company (by LS-Modcompany) – Must be activated.
Download link for Global Company: http://www.farmingsimulator19mods.com/globalcompany-v1-4-4-0-fs19/

An FS19 game updated to the current patch is of course required.
– This card contains all functions of Farming Simulator 2019.
– Animal pastures (cows, sheep, pigs, chickens), which were built into the card for the game mode “new farmer”. Willows can also be sold.
– Large, detailed farm area for the game mode “new farmer”. In Farm Manager and Start from Scratch modes, you can create anything you want.
– Prepared, detailed farmhouse in the game mode “new farmer” in the village, connected to a chicken coop. So you can feel like a citizen.
– Train system included.
– 37 fields – small / medium / large – fields with their own shape and square fields.
– 14 points of sale – including BGA, Zug.
– 4 railway silos. In the city: Zugladehof – grain, can only load grain. Zugladehof – root crops, can only load root crops + sugar cane. East of the map: grain, root crops and sugar cane can be loaded in the east railway silo. In the forest area: Railway silo – wood chips, can only store wood chips.
– All sales outlets, railway silos and shops have their own opening times – You cannot buy / sell goods when they are closed. Note: Everything is closed the first time it is loaded. Just wait an hour and everything is back in normal opening hours.
– Large forest area
– Missions – Field jobs and transport missions included.
– NPCs with Slovak names
– Special transport pallets + revised standard pallets.
– Wide range of new placeable objects used in the pre-placed farm area in New Farmer game mode. So you can use them in other modes. (small gas station, workshop, shelters, gas stations …)
– Buy stations scattered all over the map – you can buy seeds, fertilizers, liquid fertilizers, herbicides, limes … or even animal feed – oats, pig feed. Of course, these are a bit more expensive than the pallets from the shop, but more convenient.
Slurry and slurry dealers included. You can sell or buy both of them. Slurry can be loaded directly into the trailer or if you want you can use the manipulator and load it manually.
– Small unique feature: In the vehicle shop you will find Manitou forklifts that you can use for loading. You do not have to bring your own forklift. Especially useful for beginners. It’s there for everyone, so please don’t steal 🙂
– Expand your farm business to new areas. The map contains different factories, from large built factories to small placeable machines. (Quarry, sawmill, butchery, dairy, fruit / vegetable garden …) To be able to produce in these factories, you first have to buy them by buying farmland on which they are built. Smaller placeable machines can be set up anywhere.
– Prepared for Seasons Mod, with everything the Seasons Mod offers. Texture changes – bushes change color depending on the season, roads and similar objects change their texture in winter and so on. Custom weather, plant growth, and environmental data that matches the location of the map.
Cotton and sugar cane are included. You will grow. These are of course not typical harvests for the position of the map, but if you absolutely want to play realistically, you can download Seasons GEO Mod from modHub from me – Seasons GEO: Slovakia, this is the same GEO that is used in the map that only difference is that this is realistic (no cotton and sugar cane)
– Animal Pen Extension Mod done.


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