FS19 Steyr 8165 – 8150 v2.0.0.0

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FS19 Steyr 8165 – 8150 v2.0.0.0

The Steyr 8150 8165 is now in V2 FS19 Ready.
Releases are all in place and cleared
Credits: MB 3D Modelling, STEYR Modding Team, Turbosquid/IPF, Steyr545, PeterAH, Ifko[nator], ls_buedl(Martin8165), Mr. Krupp, Butters, Gaints Software, Swissfarmer
The Steyr was completely rebuilt, which means disassembled in Blender and reassembled, now the Steyr has reached a pretty high level of detail. The LS19 text clock system has been installed and some new parts.
Many parts have been animated.
Many parts have been animated such as axle joints, drive shaft, throttle linkage on injection pump, pedals, gear lever, fan etc.
Simple IC has been installed for windows, doors, fenders, hood side panels, warning signs, rear and front hydraulics, rear and front PTO, as well as engine start and lights. ( Latest SimpleIC version required!!! )
Using the mouse control (right mouse button) the outside mirrors can be adjusted, to avoid collision with the front loader the mirror adjustment has been put into 2 separate groups for each mirror.
It should be clear nowadays that you appreciate the work of a modder and NOT upload this mod further to other sites.
I would like to thank everyone involved a lot for helping make this tractor playable in FS19.
Onto the features:
The Steyr can be configured with 8 different engine options:
8150 with standard exhaust 135hp
8150 with chrome exhaust 140hp
8165 with standard exhaust 150hp
8165 with chrome exhaust 155hp
8150 with standard exhaust engine tuning and intercooler (visually visible in engine bay )195hp
8150 with chrome exhaust engine tuning and intercooler (visually visible in engine bay ) 200hp
8165 with standard exhaust engine tuning and intercooler (visually visible in engine compartment )240hp
8165 with chrome exhaust engine tuning and intercooler (visually visible in engine bay ) 250hp
Color choice for body and cabin separately
Adjustable exterior mirrors
One or two rotating beacons configurable
Warning signs configurable and can be folded out from the outside via SIC
Selectable between Trelleborg, Michelin and Mitas different tire sizes
Dynamic tubes are connected
Doors, windows and skylight, all controllable by SIC
Engine, rear and front hydraulics possible via SIC
PTO shafts switchable via SIC possible
Light switchable via SIC possible
Side panel of the hood can be removed and attached on both sides via SIC
Front fenders can be removed and attached via SIC
Cabin light turns on when door is opened
Faucets work and are illuminated
Front loaders are Stoll Standard, Stoll Super, Stoll Robusto, Aloe, Haueralt, and Hauer with hoses configurable
Now have fun playing, the Swissfarmer and team.

Modell: Turbosquid/IPF, MB 3D Modelling, Swissfarmer, ls_buedl(Martin8165)Textur: Swissfarmer, ls_buedl(Martin8165)Script: Swissfarmer, ls_buedl(Martin8165)Idee / Konzept: Swissfarmer, ls_buedl(Martin8165)Tester: Steyr545 ls_buedl(Martin8165)Sonstige: PeterAH, Ifko[nator]
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