FS19 Talbach Map v1.1.0.0

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FS19 Talbach Map v1.1.0.0

Changelog V1.1:
Multiplayer bunker silos missing at the farm – fixed
Fixed grass spawn on road at field 24
Fixed spawn point at the dealer after purchasing a device
Building site can be bought – fixed
Missing wool point of sale – fixed
Panorama image bug fixed
PDA adapted for building site expansion
As always, it is recommended to start a new game in order to guarantee that the game runs smoothly.

Welcome to the Talbach in LS19, I also tried to bring the charm from the 17 to the 19 with this card. It was one to me. A matter of the heart to bring the card from dear HeniJimdrix in the 19s. You will find well-known things on the map with partly new functions for the LS19:

Main courtyard:
Cowshed to muck out yourself / chickens / workshop / bale storage for hay and straw and much more

Pig breeding:
in the LS17 mainly “decoration” you can now manage this yourself, you have to
only the site can be bought. Otherwise it can be used as a purchase point for manure

Horse breeding:
This also served mainly as a sales point in the 17, now you can also do this
as a sales point as well as a playable horse farm

In addition, there is a sheepfold and an open sheep pasture on the map for farming.

Lime works:
Of course you can buy lime from BayWa, but there is now a lime plant on the menu
where you can mine lime. To do this, money must first be invested in the site.
(Again, this always applies: the site must be bought in order to get access to the pig farm, horse breeding or lime works)

Thanks to the lovely Hhoottee, you will find various production sites on the menu that have been deliberately kept simple.
This includes soy milk production / wood chip production / compost & mineral fertilizer production

Selling points:
The produced productions can then of course be sold at various points of sale,
such as at Südmilch AG / Baywa or Agrarhandel

Buying points:
You will find sales outlets for lime seed fertilizers etc. at the various dealers, for example
the Baywa or Agricultural Trade

If you want to start in multiplayer, you can use a large area here with larger machines
build up a vehicle fleet.
53 fields and meadows are available for agricultural life, those with small to medium-sized ones
Vehicles can be managed.

At this point I would like to thank everyone again, I hope I haven’t forgotten anyone, but my greatest thanks
As always, Grandmaster Heni applies for his tireless commitment and especially his strong will to always help me actively.
Thank you for your time and help to make the map as perfect as possible, on which there are so few errors.
And now have fun with the card

LS17 Talbach Mapper: HeniJimdrix LS19 Talbach-Produktionen: hhoottee_tv
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