FS19 Thueringer Hoehe BG Edition v2.1.0.2

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FS19 Thueringer Hoehe BG Edition v2.1.0.2

Revision of the map and bug fixes

Hotfix version
– Faulty files removed
– Fixed cable duct contractor hand grain hall

(Due to so many changes, a new save game is required!)
– Fixed cowshed gates
– Farmlands worked
– Added grass textures
– Fields made courseplay ready Field 01-68
– Field 60 modified for course play
– Traffic traffic speed increased
– Precision Farming prepared map adapted
– Added new sales points manure and manure
– Fertilizer emissions extended to manure and manure vehicles

It is a conversion of the Thüringer Höhe by MaxWild.
It is my first map modification, please understand.
I am grateful for constructive criticism.
(Due to so many changes, a new save is required!)

The conversion contains the following innovations:
– MaisPlus, HorseExtension ready
– New fruits added “Onions, carrots, clover, field grass” harvesters and balers etc. are all included in the map. Thank you the F / A and the Alien Paul
– Increase in desnsityHightTypes 128
– Increase in FruitTypes to 64
– Map supports Manure-Mod (Wobster)
– Fixed trees on the streets, fields and meadows
– Swapped pig farm
– Various spawn points have been moved
– Changed milk price
– Fixed cleaning the cows
– Bale sale added mod from Dorset
– Eliminates errors caused by bushes and grass
– New grass textures (cut grass texture / distance, etc.)
– The grass is now fertilized, limed and plowed right from the start
– Custom soil textures
– Fields from small to medium and large
– Livestock dealer sales point, animal menu added
– New missions added, ball mission (grass)
– Mission vehicles edited
– Fields numbered consecutively
– Elky Script inserted placeable mud
– added placeable bushes
– BetterLights added by SanAndreas
– automatically added wash hall by SanAndreas
– Manure shaft inserted at various points by Ls17ProjektMecklenburg
– Guidance Steering (GPS) built into launch vehicles
– Guidance Steering (GPS) built into mission vehicles
– Forests separated from fields
– NPC’s changed to BG

This version comes with standard GPS, and mission vehicles also have it installed.
Thank you very much for the support of all modders and for the releases of the mods
Special thanks to MaxWild for the map, The Alien Paul and the F / A for Mais Plus and Horse Extension installation, Elky for the scripts, San Andreas for the mods and support.
If I have forgotten someone, please write to me.

Ich bedanke mich recht herzlich bei der Unterstützung aller Modder z.B. Kastor, der Mindener, Kevink98, DSA Floowy, F/A the Alien Paul, DeeBuur, Hot San Andreas.Bei den Maptestern FritzLetz Play und sein Team und Agrar Sascha möchte ich mich auch recht herzlich bedanken.Vielen Dank auch für alle Freigaben und Mods bzw. Objecte die ich nutzen darf.Sollte ich jemanden vergessen haben, schreibt mich bitte an.
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