FS19 Ursus c360 3P MafiaSolec by Prezes Ziaroo

FS19 Tractors

FS19 Ursus c360 3P MafiaSolec by Prezes Ziaroo

What Mod has:
– 2 versions. Broken down or whole (Hence the weight!)
– No front hitch / Hitch / OBC / Frame
– Without mask / Mask / Mask + flap / Gril / Light / Mafia Solec
– Bez OBC Tył / Obc 60tka / Obc MafiaSolec / Obc 55tka / Obc40tka
– 3P / 3P Nalypki / Turbo / Turbo Nalypki engine
– Bez Kabiny / Czech / MafiaSolec
– Without console / Tur 1 / Tur 1 + Rama / Tur 2 / Tur 2 + Rama / Tur 3 / Tur 3 + Rama /
– No damper / C-355 / C-360 1 / C-360 2 / C-360 3 / MafiaSolec
– Kola R16 / Solec / Balony / 4 × 4
– Without fenders / Metal / Square Solec / Plastic
On the approach:
– Fan
– Alternator
– Next to the engine
– Belt
– The door
– Windmill in the cabin
– Pendant in the cabin
– Sitting
– W.O.M
– Wajchy, pedals, etc.
– Mud flaps
– 2 versions. One is intact, the other is crashed!
– Light
– Tur matches out of my Ferguson pack!
– Field beam in category Other!
– Mouse to open doors, rear window, roof and hood.
– Mouse-adjustable Sponge in the cabin.
– Charging / Lights / Direction controls
– Illuminated puplit
– Animated Mamometer hand
– Animated temperature indicator
– Animated RPM hand that vibrates at idle!
– Animation of Steering Support and Fighting Col.
– Animated Manual Gas, Wajcha from Gear, Pedal Gas and Brake!
– Pasazer Bronczek or MrAdamo15 xD!
– Dynamic camera
– 0 errors in the log!
– 0 errors in txt!
– Real sounds!

Autorzy:▶ Model:- Marcello1942- PrezesZiaroo- Perkins- Autor kabiny Czeskiej ??▶ Skryptów:- PrezesZiaroo▶ Tekstury:- PrezesZiaroo▶ Dzwieki:- PrezesZiaroo▶ Odwzorowanie i Programowanie do FS 15:- PrezesZiaroo▶ Poprawki i Programowanie do FS 19:- PrezesZiaroo
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