FS19 Yogiport Map mp v19.10

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FS19 Yogiport Map mp v19.10

Yogiport is a modified Ravenport map with generous open spaces for yard construction and modified buildings.

Version 19.10 (mp)
– New production of baby food: Carrot becomes 50% carrot juice and 50% shredded material
– New production of coleslaw: cabbage salad is made from 40% cabbage, 40% red cabbage and 20% onions
– New production sail factory: From cotton will be 10% sail
– New cigarette factory: Tobacco becomes cigarettes
– New production greenhouse: from manure or manure and water become tomatoes
– New production incense: From pellets, 50% tobacco and 17% hops becomes incense
– New production ketchup: tomato, 15% onions and 10% sugar becomes ketchup
– asparagus incorporated as additional fruit (thanks GMCW for clearances)
– Add yogic source to the holy water
– Added new products to the sales outlets
– New shops Surf Shop, Seagull Wharf and abbey ‘Holy Shit’ added
– The bakery and flour factory have moved to larger buildings (from LS17 Sosnovka)
– Added some audio files to my production and sales points
– Misthaufenwände reworked again
– Fixed uniform alignment of planting lines on potatoes and sugarcane on sloping fields (e.g., field 5)
– BGA digestate pipe effect added
– Kärcher moved
– Fixed some building spawnpoints
– And as always: Fixed a lot of little things that would blow up this listing.

The rar file must be unpacked and contains mod files, all of which must be inserted into the mods folder, as there are other, modified buildings in addition to the map.

Under Videos you will find the map presentation in which the changes are presented:
The following fields have been merged: 1 + 2, 20 + 21, 24 + 25 + 26
Fields 12 + 13 cleared as open space for the yard and a grass meadow, terrain leveled
Additional trees planted for the timber industry in the northeast
Various modified buildings installed, functionalities see description in the shop or moddesc / xml in the building Mod
Start fields 6 + 7 reworked, field 6 empty and field 7 defined with harvest ripe wheat
Around the yard sown abundant grass for mowing
Price display for mixed ration, chopped meat, pig feed and digestate inserted
Card prepared for the special cutting units of the Krone Pack OY
Point of sale at the dairy for products that are nowhere or rarely accepted:
manure forage chaff silage straw grass_windrow dryGrass_windrow digestate liquidManure pigFood
All bushes and various decorative objects removed
Collisions on street signs removed, so that they can not fly around
Additional light in the BGA

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