Hagenstedt Extreme V 2.0 FS17

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Hagenstedt Extreme V 2.0 FS17

Corrected terrain
mask installed Gold Nuggets gefix
chickens and eggs are in the right place
Crap crap
Some problems fixed
Two new production buildings

Welcome to Hagenstedt Extrem, 4-fold large map with many new fruits and products. This map is from my private collection of Ls15 now rebuilt and published for Ls17.

Important – It must be installed patch 1.5.1 or higher!

v1.0 Standard and new fruits:

Wheat, barley, canola, corn, soybeans, sunflower, oats, rye, spelled, triticale, millet, poppy, potatoes, sugar beet, cane, onion, carrot, cotton.
Large farm, grain silo and warehouse with capacity of 1500000 L. Manure manure digestate warehouse, refillable fuel station, warehouse for crude oil, engine oil, industrial diesel and biogas.

Production facilities:

Flour mill, bakery, sugar mill, brewery, hops plantation, sawmill, Press Plate plant, gravel plant, dairy, oil Company, Refinery, BGA biogas production, Obstfafm, woodcutter, manure separator, compound feed and pig feed production, fermenters, composters, Slaughterhouse, water tower, soy milk production , fishing industry (fish farming, Raucherei, caviar production and fish stock)

All production building works with latest script-mCompanyFactory (old factory Script).

ChoppedStraw built in slurry manure limestone mod built in digital display gold nuggets AI traffic and pedestrian reset point relocated to the yard.

Required mods:
Kotte Universal Pack
FSM Holmer Pack
Südhemmern Holmer Pack small
joskinBetimaxRDS7500 and Schmitz Cargo Bull Coolliner from modpack Kastor Food Inc Stop milk sales
DLC Platinum for sugarcane

dondiego, mati7766, Rene248, GE mapping, wouldgernbauer, EngeldesHasses, San_Andreas, Farmer_Andy, Hardstyler, webalizer, Blacky_BPG, Farmerahner, atze1978, SLJ-AGRAR, gamerhzs, Christen Farmland Technique, El Cid, Marhu, Kastor, Harrybo, Kobold Koby, BaTt3RiE, kevink98, Nils23, slowtide63, BlackSheep, fqC art., Slivicon, Al-Modding, Dorset
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2 Responses

  1. Dented says:

    Love this map! Love the fact that it has industries on it. I’m using Google Translate to try to read the German. However it would be nice when stepping up to a control panel and pressing f1 key that the control panel would show products needed in English.
    Other than that. My kind of map. Thank you

  2. Laer says:

    В прошлой версии Hagenstedt , в реке невозможно было набрать воды. Просто исправьте воду в реке!

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