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Hermanns Eck – Welcome to the green valley!

In 11 months of construction this map was created for you – without the modding world team and Zetor6245, which even at the
Map hand had to create, the project would not be finished!

but what hides behind the name “Hermann’s Corner”?
A small idyllic valley, hidden somewhere in the mountains.
Many years ago you had only wanted a little vacation, away from the stress of the city, up into the country, but it should be remote.
On the farm of the old Fritz, you only wanted to spend two weeks on holiday, treat your troubled soul some time off .. and now look at you.
For three years now you have been a resident of the Berghof, and a short time ago Fritz made you the offer to hand over the farm to you.
He and his wilma are getting old, and children and grandchildren are not interested in the farm.
That you agree so quickly, you would not have thought yourself. But now it’s time
Fritz has initiated you into the arts of agriculture and now it is up to you to prepare your first own harvest and to feed the dear cattle.
So spend no time and help the Berghof to old splendor!

and what is so special about the map?
The map is for players who like to play nature-linked maps.
Small fields, narrow paths and a green landscape invite you to explore the map.
To make the feeling even better, the Seasonsmod, Choppedstraw and the GMKFC Mod are supported.
Who prefers small machines to the big ones, and places much value on details, should get his money’s worth.

but what does “small” mean?
Well, a look at the field sizes speaks for itself.

Field 1: 1.39ha
Field 2: 1.16ha
Field 3: 0,50ha
Field 4: 0.37ha
Field 5: 0.39ha
Field 6: 0,50ha
Field 7: 0.73ha
Field 8: 0.51ha
Field 9: 1.02ha
Field 10: 1.41ha
Field 11: 0.59ha
Field 12: 1.35ha
Field 13: 0.66ha
Field 14: 0.76ha
Field 15: 0.74ha
Field 16: 0.78ha
Field 17: 2.09ha
Field 18: 0.77ha
Field 19: 0.47ha
Field 20: 1.40ha
Field 21: 1,22ha
Field 22: 0.61ha
Field 23: 0.41ha
Field 24: 1.03ha
Field 25: 1.01ha

25 fields with a total of 21.87ha arable land for you.
In addition there are 19 meadows, some of them so small that you have to be careful not to miss them.

A look at the PDA picture definitely helps.

what does the map now in plain text?
– Three farms: Berghof (farm of old Fritz with cows and pigs), Nebenerwerbshof (sheep), farm (chickens)
– several outlets

– FarmSiloSystem
– Seasonsmod
– ChoppedStraw
– AI traffic

The modding world team and I wish you all a nice 3rd Advent and a merry Christmas,
we hope you have enjoyed this map.

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