Hi and welcome to Hobbs Farm V1.6.0.6
Made for big kit roadtrains and industrial sized farming. Hobbs Farm features 14 Medium to Very Large fields.
2 unloading points and 2 loading points on the farm each with very large capacities (the combined total shows in your storage)
The farm has a main garage with office and workshop there are 2 BGAs plenty of large silage silos including two Very High capacity closed end bunkers of over 15 million ltrs each as well as 4 American style closed end bunkers with their own parking and garage
with Forestry there is a Large managed forest in the SE as well as a smaller forest in the North west, you can sell to the train and send it or sell in the log pond.
The download also comes with 2 trucks and 2 trailers (the HFE truck is a starting vehicle) CCM mod (you can make pig food in the bunkers) and a chaser (auger) trailer that can carry it. The animation map trigger is also included.
There is a full basketball court and a few hoop around the place.
Hope you have fun, Happy farming

Map design by Hobgoblin
Converted to 17 By Albert

Made By Hobgoblin with lots of help from Arie, Wesley, Keith, Aaron, Vaughn, Albert and Donyboi.
Without the team there is no Hobbs Farm.

Help, bug finding and ideas have come from many people far too many to mention but I am extremely grateful to the members of the Hobbs Farm facebook group ( facebook.com/groups/hobbsfarm ) for all their efforts to help us make the map better. The V1 release was not as ready to go as we believed at the time and V1.6 still wouldn't be if it wasn't for their attention to detail and the friendly messages to point out what we had missed lol
Thanks to the Hobbs Farm team and the extended team. You guys and girls rock.
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8 Responses

  1. randall ivy says:

    dude we got content disappearing from the silo that hasnt been took out by anyone

  2. KB says:

    Every night I have tried to play this map my harvested grains keep disappearing. I unload at the grain storage, I watch my stored grains go up while I’m unloading but the next time I go back to my stored grain screen all my grains are gone. I haven’t been able to sell one crop off this map. I really like this map otherwise but this one glitch makes it pointless to play.

  3. sim says:

    anyone having a frame glitch when they play this?

  4. Jamey says:

    chopped straw isn’t working and frame glitch when hfe truck is bought

  5. schine says:

    Game plays 4 or 5 minutes then crash to desktop

  6. brad says:

    anyone else has it lag, it worked good till I installed the mods from the map

  7. Eldon says:

    this map lags like crazy! to the point where it is totally unplayable! going to try uninstalling the trucks and trailers that came with the map and see if its just a mod conflict

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