Jorans Farm Release 16-10-2018 v1.0.1 FS17

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Jorans Farm Release 16-10-2018 v1.0.1 FS17

There was a lot to do about this map, but its out now. You can download it from the website
There is also a contest on the site where you can win a code for FS19

Maverick74 Joran: ideas and wishes (without him this map wouldn’t be made)-Luca : the website brain and tester-Bruce Smith : made the guide for the map-Ronny Sell: testing-Billy_boyd42 : testing-Neale green: testing-Farmer Klein: Youtube introduction-Nick the Hick: Youtube introduction-Rudeman53: Youtube introductionThe specials:Tielbeke Transport en WarehousingFly and FoodDe Koperen HoogteBiesebosch TruckwashBGS Niedersachsen GmbHProfis am Werk GmbHVan der Vlist TransportgroupCredits: where I learned from get mods from and such -bdbssb (mods and help)-shywizard ( mods and help)-farmer Andy (mods)-gtx Andy(mods)-kevink98 (scripts)-igor29381 (script for the trailer and some buildings)-blacksheep – rc-devil (scripts)-jolydodger (utility van)And a big thank you to all modders of buildings and stuffWithout all these people I couldn’t build a map.RESPECT!!!
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2 Responses

  1. christoff Van Dyck says:

    looks incomplete like roads stop in middle of a mountain oe bridge disapear maybe we need some mods for that

  2. marian says:

    vreau sa stiu daca faceti o mapa de ce nu introduceti si modurile necesare nare rost sal mai faceti

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