Lawfolds is based around a real working farm in the fertile rolling hills of Grampian, Scotland. There are two additional farms, East Law where the sheep can be found, and Newton of Lewesk is where the Cows are located. This map features:

Manufacturer Stussy
Category Map
Author Stussy
Size 292.24 MB

– Three Working Farms, two which have independent Grain Silos. Three Forestry Areas around the map.
– Three Different Sell Points (Aberdeen Grains, Highland Grains and Aberdeen Northern Marts Group) for the various crops.
– High Capacity Storage at Highland Grains so you can store those crops waiting for the right price, but it will cost to use the facility.
– Seed and Fertiliser points on the Farms and at two sell points, as well as storage for the pallets on the farms for those who prefer to use them.
– Prices have been increased slightly higher than base game. Missions on all fields not owned, to help get those prices down.
– Please be aware all hedges, fences and walls have collisions, however there are sizeable grass headlands around the fields to help those workers out.
– Animated Gates and Lights to most of the Farm Buildings. Automatic Lights at the sell points.
– Chopped Straw Installed. (PC Only)

As massive thanks to the Giants team for helping get the map ready, and to all model creators that I have used to create the map. A special mention to 1Scuderia1 (YouTube) for testing the map. I have tried to mention everyone, however if I have missed someone, this is not on purpose, please contact myself and I will correct this.

Lawfolds basiert auf einem echten Bauernhof in den fruchtbaren sanften Hügeln von Grampian, Schottland. Es gibt zwei weitere Bauernhöfe, Ost-Recht, wo die Schafe gefunden werden können, und Newton von Lewesk ist, wo die Kühe befinden. Diese Karte bietet:

– Drei Arbeitsbetriebe, zwei unabhängige Getreidesilos. Drei Forstgebiete rund um die Karte.
– Drei verschiedene Verkaufspunkte (Aberdeen Körner, Hochland Körner und Aberdeen Nordmarts Gruppe) für die verschiedenen Getreide.
– Hochkapazitätslager an den Hochlandkörnern, also können Sie jene Getreide speichern, die auf den rechten Preis warten, aber es kostet, um die Anlage zu verwenden.
– Saat- und Düngerstellen in den Betrieben und an zwei Verkaufsstellen sowie Lagerung der Paletten auf den Betrieben für diejenigen, die es vorziehen, diese zu verwenden.
– Die Preise sind etwas höher als das Basisspiel. Missionen auf allen Feldern nicht im Besitz, um diese Preise zu senken.
– Bitte beachten Sie alle Hecken, Zäune und Wände haben Kollisionen, aber es gibt erhebliche Gras-Vorgewölbe rund um die Felder, um diese Arbeiter zu helfen.
– Animierte Tore und Lichter für die meisten Bauernhäuser. Automatische Leuchten an den Verkaufsstellen.
– Zerhackter Stroh installiert. (Nur PC)

Vielen Dank an die Giants Team für die Hilfe bekommen die Karte bereit, und alle Modelle Schöpfer, die ich verwendet habe, um die Karte zu erstellen. Eine besondere Erwähnung 1Scuderia1 (YouTube) zum Testen der Karte. Ich habe versucht, alle zu erwähnen, aber wenn ich jemanden verpasst habe, ist dies nicht mit Absicht, kontaktieren Sie mich bitte und ich werde dies zu korrigieren.

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11 Responses

  1. Rezső Juhász says:

    Not bad map just a litle bit narrow the road, and a too mouch fenc in the map. But great work and gratulation the another things!!!

  2. Sue says:

    Hi, I really love the map but I do have one problem, all the animals, cows, pigs and sheep freeze when they go to eat and don’t start up again. It could be that its because I am using the map on my server and its only for single player. There are only myself and one other person on the server.
    Any help would be appreciated as I really think you have made an awesome map

  3. Jack says:

    The silage silo trigger doesnt seem to work with loading wagons on courseplay

  4. J. Boorsma says:

    Hi there, I love this map. But….. I have found one little problem…. I can’t choose the type of seed in the Amazone Condor 15001 inside the game when I want to seed the land….
    Can you help me with this problem?

  5. Kodiak says:

    I get that the map is based in the UK (Scotland I believe), and that the roads and land layout are probably that way, from a gameplay perspective, the map design is bad. The roads are far too narrow for anything larger than a dual wheel medium sized tractor. The number of times I’ve gotten hung up on the collidable fences lining every road and path is…too many. You have to find a way to a field then stay off every roadway if you’re driving anything close to the big articulated tractors, which you will want to pull the large pieces of equipment on these huge fields.

    I like the map, and I’m happy to keep playing it. I like that working a few fields takes time. It gives me a reason to own a 15m seeder, a 30m slurry tanker, and not be done with a field in 5 minutes.

    It would be nice for field edges to be ‘straighter’ (along N/S E/W relative to map) so workers/GPS would be easier to set up, but I know that very very very few fields are lined up with cardinal directions.

    tl;dr: it’s a good map if you like big fields and wanting a reason to use big machines and equipment (2000 cows here I come)

  6. Harry says:

    How do you open gates

  7. alan says:

    hello does your map have the ability to have bail density add to it as a mod love the map

  8. Mr Allan J Anderson says:

    Love this map but there is only one silage bunker need two on for chaff/grass and one to ferment the corn and the roads are way too narrow

  9. David says:

    Really love this map. I like the narrrow roads, it’s challenging. Can you update this so it works well with seasons?

  10. antrax737 says:

    Is the map updated? I own around 120ha on this map and I really wouldnt like to start playing different map now. I’d like to saw sugar cane but i’m not sure if that will work the way it should?

  11. Aaron says:

    Hi can you do another version with out realistic mod its annoying and i like the map to much . 140hp balier being pulled by a 220 hp tractor and only does 4/6 mph combine only does 3 mph its rather annoying please change it

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