LS17 Building Materials
Version: 1.0
By: Pummelboer
Other credits go to:
Additional MapTypes by Blacksheep and RC-Devil
FT Modding: Textures for building materials copied from LS15 “Fruit-Tp”

This mod adds the following materials to all your maps, including the standard maps:
Sand, Gravel, Dirt, Rock, Cracked, Cement, Concrete, Asphalt
All materials can be handled as “Bulk” materials with frontloaders, wheelloaders, tippers, levellers etc.
WARNING: (known issue)
This MOD can NOT be used at the same time with maps which already have one of the materials from this mod integrated in the map.
Loading this mod together with such a map wil cause the game to shut down instandly.
If you are want to play a map which already has one of the materials installed (e.g. mining map), make sure you UNSELECT the “LS17 Building Materials” before starting the game at the mod selection menu.
If you want to use the mod in your standard maps or any other map which does not have one of the materials installed, do not forget to UNSELECT all maps in the start-up menu which do have the materials installed.

Sand Sand Sable Zand

Dirt Erde Terre Aarde

Gravel Kies Gravier Grind

Crushed Schotter Concasse Puin

Asphalt Asphalt Asphalte Asfalt

Cement Zement Ciment Cement

Rock Gestein Roche Rots

Concrete Beton Béton Beton

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19 Responses

  1. jimmy says:

    i dont understand how to fill the silo up so that you can unload into a truck or so.
    please help me anyone

  2. MCMR says:

    I can’t understand how I can get the materials…

  3. scott says:

    keeps on crashing my game!

  4. Will says:

    Silo is empty for all types. yes i have all required mods installed

  5. Jaf says:

    The mod is not working … somwone can help?

  6. Josh Fournier says:

    Awesome mod, works like a charm. I’ve been waiting for a mod like this since FS11!! Thank you!

    The only thing I’m wondering is if there is a way to change the prices for the materials. In my opinion they are quite high and would like to reduce the prices a bit. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  7. TheGamingFarmer says:

    I think the file is croupted. I try to open the files to see what’s going on, and the textures will show for a second and then acts like it’s croupted

  8. Sam says:

    how do I fill the silo it says its empty every thing is working fine but its empty

  9. Adam says:

    Where do you get this mod for Xbox One

  10. Cyril says:

    Bonjour, svp pourquoi les silo sont vide, j’ai aucune maps tp installer j’ai bien installer les mods nécessaire, mais les silo sont toujours vide, merci d’avance pour votre aide

  11. Moritz says:

    Ich bin moritz

  12. Peter says:

    How can i get these mods for my ps4 i got the farming simulator special edition 17 withthe red sugar cane cutter on the game case how do i get all these cool mods? Please someone tell me if i can or cant would like to know please an thank you

  13. Tim says:

    How to get this on xbox one

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