MAN TGS 6x / 8x / 10x AR- as pack V 1.0 FS17

MAN TGS 6x / 8x / 10x AR- as pack V 1.0 FS17

Hi people

Here I have my (known) MAN TGS for the AR system. The idea was that you could use a vehicle for different tasks.
The truck does not come alone, but in a complete package.
All superstructures / trailers / vehicles are also composed of original LS vehicles.
The vehicles are largely compatible with the AR-Mod of gtxMods and the Annaburger-constructions of the Modhub.

My vehicles are in their own shop category.

What is included in the pack:

Manufacturer : MAN
Chassis: 6×6 1-2, 8×8 2-2 ​​and 1-3, 10×8 2-3
Purchase price Basic price: 192500 €
Daily cost: 415 €
Engine power: 440HP, 480HP, 520HP + 680HP “tuning engine”
Tank capacity: 400 liters

Selectable engine power
Various front brackets
Selectable tires (road / agricultural / railings with various rims)
Working light to front and rear
Adaptive curve light
License plate Script
Animated fittings (including current gear: D / N / R)

Fliegl Trailer:
Manufacturer : Fliegl
Chassis: Tandem trailer
Purchase price Basic price: 25500 €
Daily cost: 255 €
Foldable drawbar
Mitsubonded rear axle

Fliegl ASW superstructure + optional loader cover + optional manure spreader:
Manufacturer : Fliegl
Construction: ASW (+ optional loader cover), manure spreader
Purchase price Basic price: 192500 €
Daily cost: 250 €
Volume: 35000 liters

Selectable design (Fliegl-Grün, Fliegl-Schwarz)
Unloading via tailgate or grain slider
Extra Configurations: Can be provided with a loader cover or reconfigured to a manure spreader ***
The color of the tarpaulin can be selected by design color
The manure spreader works with the helper
*** IMPORTANT: Reconfiguration from the ASW to the manure spreader or back should only be done with completely emptied construction (except loader cover) !!

Kotte slurry feeder:
Manufacturer : Kotte
Construction: guaranty
Purchase price: 31500 €
Daily cost: 230 €
Volume: 22500 liters
Works with courseplay

Zunhammer Slurry Tank + Vibro + ZuniDisk:
Manufacturer: Zunhammer
Purchase price manure tank: 28500 €
Daily cost: 255 €
Volume: 22500 liters
Purchase price Vibro: 12000 €
Daily cost: 70 €
Purchase price ZuniDisk: 16500 €
Daily cost: 75 €

The helper only works if no slurry cultivator is attached
Optional rear hydraulics for Zunhammer Vibro or ZuniDisk
Vibro and ZuniDisk with optional round light
The Vibro and the ZuniDisk are reworked and included

Bredal Dunger:
Manufacturer : Bredal
Construction: IT runner base, Bredal spreader construction
Purchase price: 28500 €
Daily cost: 165 €
Volume: 19500 liters

The helper works
Selectable color for the base plate
At the front part, pallets can be parked with fertilizer (fixation by tensioning belt)

Service structure:
Manufacturer : Lizard
Purchase price: 14500 €
Daily cost: 115 €
Selectable main color
Diesel, water, fertilizer (solid and liquid) and seed can be charged directly

A hook lift construction still follows 🙂

Small, insignificant things on the edge:
There is the error “Error: Can not loadResource” D: /LS17_mods/FS17_cAR_Pack_V1/dataS/scripts/vehicles/Vehicle.lua ‘”, why always. The LS can not register the vehicles, but it does so at the same time. For me this has no effect on the game. All vehicles work smoothly.

Have a lot of fun 🙂

MfG, Cougii

PS: No re-host and so !!

Model: GIANTS , Klawkalash, Cougii,

Textures: GIANTS, Klawkalash, Cougii

Tester Singleplayer: KingQuantum, Cougii

Tester Multiplayer: Joe_Matthew, Malle, Cougii

Light Coronas of Ziberg

Truck parts from freak36558

DynamicHoses by bm-modding

FixServiceTrailer by Marhu

NumberPlates by Blacky_BPG
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  1. TORO says:


    Was hier fehlt, ist eine Universeler Frontattacher wo man was Anbauen kann !!! Beispiel: Schneeschieber
    AR Brücken stehen nicht nach dem speichern des Spielstandes, sondern liegen auf den Boden. Nochmals ankoppeln ist negative.

    EN: What is missing here is a Universal Frontattacher where you can cultivate what! Snowplow ???
    AR bridges do not stand after the saving of the game, but lie on the ground. Re-coupling is negative.

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