Michigan map update release v1.0 FS17

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Michigan map update release v1.0 FS17

Michigan map update release. Whats new: Reworked the farm yard. New sheds. Working garage doors and barn doors, Lighting, new silage bunk, seasons ready. Oats and rye can be harvested using seasons. Buildings came from numerous maps and some re textured to match color theme. Medium flat area on farm for place-able bins or other buildings. Seed and fertilizer tanks/triggers moved to a more friendly place. New sky textures from UMRV. Some new landscaping to make it feel more finished. It is a standard size map with all animals and all standard crops with oats and rye add which are working with seasons mod.

I am not a map maker and I wish to take no credit but for the time I put in updating this map to hopefully make it better then it was. The map started as Indiana Farming Map and was edited from there. If you want credit for anything I used just tell me. I’ll gladly add your names to this post. Just sharing what I took the time to learn and improve my knowledge on. Thank you and happy farming.

Taylor Farms
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5 Responses

  1. David says:

    How to download farming simulator 17 more from Farming
    simulator website

  2. Jarred Klotz says:

    Please convert this map to consoles. I’m from Indiana and it would be good to farm like I was at home.

  3. Bernd Faber says:

    sehr schöne Karte, moderne Anlagen, was mich allerdings stört sind die zu hohen Bahnübergänge,da bleiben die Auflieger oft hängen und die Masten sind echt störend bei Courseplay, vielleicht doch lieber Erdkabel verlegen

  4. Bernd Faber says:

    habe gerade noch etwas entdeckt und zwar ist der Misthaufen bei den Kühen einfach so an der Ecke der Freifläche sehr ungünstig

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