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Placeble Building Materials silo V0.9

This silo allows you to purchase the following building materials as buylk goods;
Sand, Gravel, Dirt, Rock, Cracked, Cement, Concrete, Asphalt

To let it work you need my “Building Materials 1.0” mod or you need to have the materials already integrated in the map which you are playing.

Beta versions, but all functioning well
Known issues

-texture issue with elevator (sometimes elevator surface turns black)
-particle textures to be improved
If you are re-using this. Please do not forget to mention original modders

t0xic0m (silo script)
maker of the silo model: unknow
Elevator and streetsign from old LS11 and LS13 map (original modder also unknown)
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14 Responses

  1. jimmy says:

    how do i fill the silo up?

  2. Co says:

    I cant place the silo

  3. jimmy says:

    right you have to edit the script 1st find the folder for the price and change the prices and save then you also have to have the mod universal proccess kit then after put it back in your mods and it should work but the problem is how do you fill it up

  4. wade says:

    Mod does not work, shows up in shop for $1 but when i go to buy it takes me to the “place it” screen but the silo does not show up (doesn’t exsist) and i cannot place it anywhere

  5. bubble says:

    for placing the silo you need universalprocess kit

  6. Tom 90 says:

    when it loads up in my game when i full up anyone in my trucks it does not want to come out ,,,, how to fix that

  7. TheGamingFarmer says:

    When I open the Editor, it keeps saying that it can’t find the texture file.

  8. Mathies says:

    I can´t fill the Silo:(

  9. Mike Monse says:

    I tried this one last time, following the instructions provided. Finally the silo appears after placement, but is empty! Instructions included (hi, this is new142mods.
    You will need 3 things for building materials mod to work
    1)The mod itself
    2)Universal process kit 17.0.6

    New142mods works 2016-17)

    Still no product!

    Wasted time once more! I’ll just stick with the “Ground Modification” mod at least it works!

    Thumbs down once more on this one!

  10. jake says:

    where is the dowload button on the page

  11. nyles says:

    i cant place the silo

    • Big Woo 1 says:

      Even if you add the Ground Modification mod, when you get the silo to place, it will just be empty. There is a “More Materials” mod that allows you to purchase dirt and sand, but only by the pallet. It’s expensive if you need a lot, and a pain to load it into a tipper.

  12. Dblaze says:

    Mod was working great, now it shows up as silo empty. Any idea on how to fix this? tried re-downloading, isolating the mods so they were the only ones in the game and still nothing. Something is making the storage at 0 on multiple mods

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