Sawmill | factory script V FS17

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Sawmill | factory script V FS17

– Fix Bug, wenn man den TipTrigger verlässt, wenn der Trailer noch abkippt


The factory Script is back and thus the known sawmill.
For operating fuels (wood chips, straw bales or wool pallets) and logs is required. This waste (wood chips) and boards pallets produced.

Sell: at each sale triggers which takes chips.
Thanks go to the LS-Modcompany Team for providing the test server and the server test, to Marhu for release on fasi for great range, Castor and joker301069

Credit: kevink98 (script), Marhu (Script LS15) fasi (range) Giants (building LS15)

The mod may only be published with orginalem download link on other sites!

Factory script
Content Factory Script (27.11.2016)

– TipTrigger
– BaleTrigger
– PalettTrigger
– ShovelTarget
– Wood Trigger
– visibilityNodes
– display
– heap
– PalletTrigger
– visibilityNodes
– display
Work animation:
– particles
– Animations (about i3d)
– sound
– Shader

Planned features:
– AdditionalTriggers (includes silo and Liquid Trigger)
– …

The factory script supports placeable and installable building! The script has been released for all to use.
Innovations over the factory script will be published on

For installation with the GE can this guide from the 15s are taken!

Textur: fasi, Giants Script: kevink98 / Marhu
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2 Responses

  1. Mark Kirshtner says:

    Will be great when you get more then $60 for 4 pallets of lumber. Please up the price per pallet to $2000 a pallet or something more, then$60 for 4. thank you looks great thank you for making it.

  2. Jake says:

    How can u get this on ps4

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