Scania V8 hook lift with rail trailer v1.0.4.3 Final FS17

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Scania V8 hook lift with rail trailer v1.0.4.3 Final FS17

Version Final in the LS17
Gloss effects were uniformly adjusted, from the Chassie to the container
Various textures were repositioned
Lightbar was attached to the cab roof
Weight and engine power are finally as I imagine!
Passenger script inserted
Mirror inserted on the passenger door.

Shine the mirror away (I had forgotten)
Rebuilt rail trailer:
Object Attacher removed -> The container on the trailer must now be connected and disconnected!
Container Attacher inserted + off function of the Attachers
4 containers inserted by the ITR pack
Scania grain container
Scania Mulde
Scania manure container
Scania platform
Attacher attached to the containers

Rail Trailer version still have the object attacher
Rail trailer operation : from
Drive from behind to the rail trailer Press X, if the hook is about 90 ° then press Y, sometimes 2 times to make it respond. This serves to keep the Scania at the bottom of the ground with the wheels !!
The container must now be coupled / secured!
Meanwhile, drive 1-2 meters before and pay attention to the deduction point on the trailer.
Do you want to pull the container from the rail trailer, then you have to do the following:
You first disconnect the container on the trailer, then you automatically change to the trailer.
Then you press X and the crosspoint of the container disappears.
You can see it by watching the white dome icon on the bottom right, if you have the help window open, there is also something you can do with the trailer, whether it can be connected or disconnected.
Only when the dome is gone (with key X), the trailer can also be decoupled, otherwise you coupled the container all the time on and off without the trailer to get rid of.
Of course, key X is also used to show the dome point again
You CAN also unload directly with the trailer, but I do not support it, because it is not true to reality!

Multiplayer is also possible if you use the mod MPOwner
If the vehicle is registered in the MP on your name, then you tell the game that your hoster of this vehicle since and already with uncoupling of a container

Modell: DimanixTextur: Ap0lLoScript: Ap0lLo, HoFFiIdee / Konzept: Ap0lLoTester: Ap0lLo
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