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– GMK Textures Fix
– Straw Trigger Trigger Kuhstall Fix
– made all Maprand trees new (they should not flicker like this anymore)
– Feeding trough Sheep Fix
– Water trough Addon installed
– new fruit textures (many thanks to Henry from SimuFreunde for not only providing me with them, but also installing them right away)

– 23 fields and 9 meadows
– 99% gates and barriers are animated, within walking distance!
– choppedStraw
– GasStationExtended installed, thus the farm filling stations must first be filled!
– FS17_adBlueUsage ready
– FS17_RM_Seasons ready
– Agricultural Service, Kuhhof, Schweinehof and BGA
– The cereals can be stored on all 3 farms
– Seed and fertilizer storage
– Seed and fertilizer direct purchase at Raiffeisen HaGe
– Fertilizer direct purchase at the sugar factory
– Soy milk
– sewage treatment plant
– more ground angle
– Hose system (can be docked on the manure pits of the BGA and cows)
– ExtendedPlaceable: Extends placement on objects. Through this script you can turn off the collision and thus place anywhere you want. In addition, you can set the height of the object as you like (the key assignment is in the info box)

– Milk trigger FIX installed, the placable should not be in the mod folder!
– seedMaster2k17 FIX installed, the placable should not be in the mod folder!
– kuenzelGrainMaster FIX installed, the placable should not be in the mod folder!
– compostMaster2k17 FIX installed, the placable should not be in the mod folder!
– pigFoodStar FIX installed, the placable should not be in the mod folder!
– Sawmill with factory script 2.1.4 installed, placable should NOT be in the mod folder!

The pallet factory from the straw recovery addon is already there! If you do not have this, you can use the space for placeable objects.

steffen30muc, Farmer Andy, Goldfox, arii, Blacksheep, jauchenpaule ,fatian ,martinbigm500 ,scottryder ,el_cid, NLDFarmers, Niggels, Timoks_LS;Rene_LS;Katsuo
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