VANILLA VALLEY V3 – A Photorealistic map FS17

VANILLA VALLEY V3 – A Photorealistic map FS17

I welcome you to Vanilla Valley V3 for Farming Simulator 2017!
Countless new features, fruits and gamemechanics are waiting for you to discover them!
This map is an attempt at recreating everything as accurately as possible in order to get one step closer to a completely realistic experience.
Vanilla Valley V3 comes with support for several popular mods
(f.e. chopped straw and farming tablet, which is a personal recommendation of mine as it keeps everything clearly structured!)
Additionally, you can install a shader-mod, which is based on the well known Reshade-shaders. This shader will make the map look even more realistic. Instructions for installing it are included in the download.


A mountainous terrain with gentle areas!
Countless new textures which were personally drawn, photographed and edited!
New plants, trees, bushes, details and decals!
Currently 25 scripts with plenty of different functions!
One large and very detailed village!
Two farms (One of which has a biogas plant!)
A large industrial zone!
Rye, oat, spelt, kale and red cabbage, salad, onions and even more fruits for harvesting!
Realistic, but still balanced prices!
Two functional trains!
Plenty of animated objects!
17 additional and completely new foliage layers!
11 texture layers!
14 Sale-stations! Freight depot, sewage treatment plant, supermarket, retailers, Agravis, etc.
Plenty of details and decals for breathtaking screenshots and sceneries!
Several detailed forests for forestry!
Wild and tame animated animals! F.e. dogs, birds horses, etc.
Sawmill with multiple functions!
Varying greenhouses! Tomatoes, flowers, etc.
Additional production of flour, bread, tartlets, UHT milk, cherries, plums, dried crops, etc.
Realistic lighting, shadows, materials and effects!(Optional. You might need a decent rig in order to run these. FPS loss ~15%.)
… and even more features are waiting for you!

Attention: 4RealModule 01 is not yet compatible and leads to a massive frame loss due to the variety of fruits on the map! There is a own version installend in the map!

I hope you will have a lot of fun while discovering what Vanilla Valley has to offer!

Thank you to all the modders whose objects I was allowed to use!
Without you guys this project would not have been possible! Thank you very much!
Special thanks to “Blacksheep Modding”, since I used their farm from the Old Stream map. A truly perfect farm which I did not wish to see missing on this map! Thank you!

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19 Responses

  1. MrT says:

    Looks great but stuck on loading screen…

  2. jan says:

    Not machine shop!

  3. Adde77 says:

    Get an error at the refinery,”resources- input item1, input item 2″.Know that one of them is rape/canola but dont know the other one.And also my traktors and tippers jump around(the move like 5 meters in 2 min) when not on concrete/roads.

  4. Adde77 says:

    @Jan,the traktorshop is in the middle of map,the markings is not right but its there on the map.

  5. jan says:

    The main yard is just an exact copy of the yard in Small Stream Map…
    It loaded 1 time.. then dropped to 3fps.. after a restart it just crashes FS17.

  6. sierasgastro says:

    not finished , but i did like it … where are mistakes like when gate opened i half way where is fance have to be removed or when you it road sign post go down but not the sign some lights in the air texture bugs … but like i sad very nice made map

  7. Dulli says:

    Problem: when i harvest a Field, every 10m is a small stripe where the harvester not works. And only in this moments the harvester throws the straw out…what is it?

  8. kenc says:

    In the pictures it shows a picture of mowed grass which looks so real, but in the game it’s still the same

  9. David Timmer says:

    this is a realy nice looking map but has a lot of problems, one of the main ones is that you are unable to fill any fuel containers. so the machinery wich is used in the scripts can not be used since you can not refill them.

  10. haenki says:

    on the farm all mod vehicles vibrate and hop even when parked and switched off and the game often takes long to load.
    personally I would prefer normal textures for plowed fields etc.
    otherwise it seems to be a top map though

  11. Baz says:

    This will be a great mod when its finished. I was trying to use this map on my private server which listed 167 errors. I found the rubber band effect was a big problem and you could drive through all the fences. I really hope you manage to sort these issues as so far its one of the best maps I have found.

  12. benjamin randall says:

    cant find farm silo that has starter crops in it one on farm says it has nothing in it

  13. Abishai says:

    The zip file download from here is corrupted. The download from ModHub works correctly…

  14. Mr T says:

    Problem with board pallet at sawmill.
    It says there is a pallet blocked but I can’t see any on the roller. Sometimes ther is pallet there sometimes not?

  15. byronthree says:

    Awesome map, but practically impossible to get a rig with trailer out of the vehicle shop.

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