Village of Yagodno v1.4.1 FS17

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Village of Yagodno v1.4.1 FS17

Version 1.4.1 for Farming Simulator 2017 (v1.5.3.1):
– Added new culture – peas;
– Added new production – Groats factory (produces corn grits, oat grits, pea grits and barley grits), there is also an additional in this production. storage facilities for these crops;
– Replaced Fabrict script with new mCompany;
– The livestock complex has been changed, the points of sale for liquid and solid manure have been added;
– The city has a traffic light, the fare on the red fines on 1000;
– Changed on the construction of the bridge volume, previously it was not correctly indicated;
– Changed sawmill, now requires fuel. Chip loading is carried out from the hopper;
– Slightly optimized map;
– A lot of little things.

The “Yagodnoe Village” map was created on a regular basis in the field of motiva-

Ha map “village Yagodnoe” available:
– Warehouse of grain crops;
– Warehouse of vegetables;
– Warehouse of hay, straw, grass;
– Seed warehouse;
– Warehouse fertilizers (liquid and dry);
– Warehouse of purified grain;
– fuel storage;
– Warehouse chips;
– Water tank;
– Warehouse round bales.

– Bakery, flour mill, meat processing plant, BGA, a platform for additional. productions – production data purchased;
– Production of refined grain (for the production of cereals is required – we get refined grain, grain waste);
– Seed production (production requires refined grain, liquid fertilizer);
– Dairy (for the production of required milk – we get kefir and ryazhenka);
– Bakery (for the production of required milk, flour);
– Flour-grinding plant (for production the refined grain is required – we receive flour and bran);
– Fish farm (for the production of bran and soybeans is required – we get fish);
– Meat processing plant (for the production of animals are required – we get meat and sausage);
– Production of feed for pigs (for the production of required roots, corn or soybeans, grain waste);
– Production of animal feed (for cows) (root crops, hay, straw, silage are required for production);
– Sawmill (for the production of trees are required – we get wood chips and boards on pallets);
– A grain factory (produces corn grits, oat grits, pea grits and barley grits), there is also an additional in this production. storage facilities for these crops.

Seeds can also be sold at RegionAgroVolga (where the purchase of seeds and fertilizer).
Separately, there is a milk selling point – a dairy and a school.

Alexey Potanin
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