Bergmann 34S Repex V 1.1 Fix FS17

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Bergmann 34S Repex V 1.1 Fix FS17

Version 1.1 Fix für Arbeitsleuchte
Im Zuge der letzten Patches des LS 17 wurde der Bergmann seitens Giants im Bereich der Beleuchtung überarbeitet, was dazu führte, dass bei dem Mod nun permanent die Arbeitsleuchte brannte, selbst im abgekuppelten Zustand. Dies ist nun behoben.

Version 1.1 Fix for working light

In the course of the last patches of the LS 17, the Bergmann was reworked by Giants in the area of lighting, which led to the permanent lighting of the worklight, even in the decoupled state. This is now fixed.

There is the original miner REPEX 34S from the LS17 of Giants with selectable color wheels.

All other game-related parameters such as
Working speed
Prices for acquisition or maintenance and textures or model remained untouched *.

* Therefore, the small file size, except for the modified modDesc.xml and be vehicle.xml exclusively used original assets that are already on your hard drive. So there is no reason why I should let you download the same data again.

And, even if it is the realism fans among you a horror, I like to have on request ready to provide additional versions with unrealistic changes to the properties for those who, like me zocken the LS primarily to enjoy the game, but do not know quite how to do this yourself or worry about MP capability.

Thereby Notice, however, that at high loading capacity (beyond the 60,000 liters) other mods such as.
Model Eicher excellent FillTypeMassAdjustement
or in this case, mentioned in the description unrealistic version may be necessary.

Furthermore, even an appeal to the more adventurous among you. In single player, the silage trailer worked without difficulty and error-free with me, in principle, the silage trailer should to my knowledge in multiplayer work because I neither own their own server still have any a circle of friends who share this hobby with me, it’s me unfortunately impossible to test this mod in multiplayer. So if you are so nice Had it to give me feedback on any errors or problems, I would be very connected.

Enough of writing, have fun and afterwards all a Merry Christmas.

Since this is only a slightly modified Originalmod you can do for my sake with the mod and leave what you want.

Modell: Giants
Textur: Giants
Script: Giants
Idee / Konzept: Giants
Tester: Ich selbst
Sonstige: Alle Modder, ihr seid die Besten. Ohne euch wäre der LS stink langweilig!
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