Caterpillar 345D Pack v1.0.0.0 FS17

FS17 Forklifts & Excavators

Caterpillar 345D Pack v1.0.0.0 FS17

Caterpillar 345D Pack
Excavatrice pour Farming Simulator 2017

Model and Parts:
Caterpillar 345D Model From CGTRADER by Marek Rybacki
Buy and Modification by L’Affreux Moddeur

Standart Frame Model From CS15
Modification by L’Affreux Moddeur

Crawler Model From Dig It
Modification by L’Affreux Moddeur

Extinguisher, radio and more From Free3D by ?
Modification by L’Affreux Moddeur

Vest, From FS15 by FT Modding
Modification by L’Affreux Moddeur

Misc Decals From Web
Secure Decals From Liebherr L538 and JCB 435s FS15 by Giants Software
Modification by L’Affreux Moddeur

Interior from Volvo EC300 FS15 by Vince3D
Modification by L’Affreux Moddeur

Trimble from Volvo EC300 FS15 By Titi’s 3D
Modification by L’Affreux Moddeur

Other Tools From FS17 map by Giants Software

Shovel R n HDR From FS15 by Salmon
Modification by L’Affreux Moddeur

AddConfig by Ifko
AddCategorie by Ifko
BackupCamACGui by Sveni
CabinControl by Spartan086
CabinSuspension by JoXXer
DisplayControl by RivalBomb
ExaustEffect by Karol Gruszczyk
Godet by Fredzaza
IndoorSound by RivalBomb
InteractiveControl by Manuel Leithner
Joystick by FT Modding
Mechanism by Автор Кирюха Тельтевской
NewExaustEffect by Modelleicher
NoSmokeNoFun by Martin Fabik
RafftnixGUI by Rafftnix
SetVisibility by Ifko
VehicleEntering by 50keda

Sounds from FS17
Attach Sound from CS15
Other Sound from Unknow

I3d/Script/Ingame/Animation/Skin/Colormask/Washable and more by L’Affreux Moddeur

Good Games and contact the modder for modification!

Desc FR:
Aujourd’hui, Je vous partage avec un grand sourire cet Caterpillar 345D pour Farming Simulator 2017, Une pelle de 45 tonnes pour un maximum de rendements avec une gamme d’équipement en Godet X, EX, R et HDR ainsi qu’un ripper, pour effectuer des taches de chargement mais aussi de creusement, que se soit pour le TP, l’agricole ou bien le forestier, cet excavatrice va vous permettre d’effectuer des taches rapidement dans un delai minim, avec une configuration immense de couleur, chassis, bras, et accessoires. IC present sur l’exterieur comme pour l’interieur, l’animation interieur des commandes est realisés, je vous invite donc tous de suite a bien prendre soins de ce mods qui je l’espere va vous etre utile Bon Jeux !

Moddesc: FR, EN, DE

Desc Caterpillar 345D Pack:
Attach Joins Type Godet
Config Motor C13 Acert and C13 Acert +
Config New or Used Crawler
Config Frame
Config Size Crawler
Config Arm L or LME
Config add Smoke Light
Config add Accesory
Config add Beaconlight
Config add Grid Cabin
Config add Transport Plate
Config add Extinguisher
Config change Color Cabin
Config add Work Light
Config Color Grid
Config Color Frame
Config Color Cylinder
Config Color Light
Config Color Roof
Config Color Rod
Config Color Attach
Animation Left Shift E Enter and Exit Animation
Enter Animation Interior
Seat and Mirror by Mouse control
Cabin and seat with camera on Cabsuspension
3 Position Light
Reverse light
Reflective Plate Transport 9pm – 7am
10 Cameras 360 Frame, 360 Cabin, Driver, Interior, and 6 fallow Shovel
5 Cameras HUD with mouse
Vibration Animation
Collision Traffic
IC Exterior:
Transport Plate
IC Interior:
Cabin Light
Indoor Hud
Indoor Sound Ajustement
Bunker Silo Compacter
Cabin shuttle, throttle, brake, clutch Animation
Cabin Display Animation
Exaust Effect
Exaust Particle
Wheel Track
Wheel Particle
Mass: 45
Price: 150 000 E
Maintenance; 350 E/Day
Fuel 710 L
Fuel Usage: 25L

Desc Shovel X, EX:
Config Color Attach
Config Color Blade
Config Color Teeth
Config Color Knife
Config Color Weer Blade
Capacity: 5000 L
Price: 5600 – 6800 E
Maintenance; 15 – 17 E/Day

Desc Shovel R, HDR:
Config Color Attach
Config Color Blade
Config Color Teeth
Config Color Knife
Config Color Weer Blade
Capacity: 6500 L
Price: 9500 – 12500 E
Maintenance; 20 – 25 E/Day

Caterpillar 345D Model From CGTRADER by Marek RybackiBuy and Modification by L'Affreux ModdeurStandart Frame Model From CS15Modification by L'Affreux ModdeurCrawler Model From Dig ItModification by L'Affreux ModdeurObject:Extinguisher, radio and more From Free3D by ?Modification by L'Affreux ModdeurVest, From FS15 by FT ModdingModification by L'Affreux ModdeurMisc Decals From WebSecure Decals From Liebherr L538 and JCB 435s FS15 by Giants SoftwareModification by L'Affreux ModdeurInterior from Volvo EC300 FS15 by Vince3DModification by L'Affreux ModdeurTrimble from Volvo EC300 FS15 By Titi's 3DModification by L'Affreux ModdeurOther Tools From FS17 map by Giants SoftwareShovel R n HDR From FS15 by SalmonModification by L'Affreux ModdeurScripts:AddConfig by IfkoAddCategorie by IfkoBackupCamACGui by SveniCabinControl by Spartan086CabinSuspension by JoXXerDisplayControl by RivalBombExaustEffect by Karol GruszczykGodet by FredzazaIndoorSound by RivalBombInteractiveControl by Manuel LeithnerJoystick by FT ModdingMechanism by Автор Кирюха ТельтевскойNewExaustEffect by ModelleicherNoSmokeNoFun by Martin FabikRafftnixGUI by RafftnixSetVisibility by IfkoVehicleEntering by 50kedaSounds:Sounds from FS17Attach Sound from CS15Other Sound from UnknowI3d/Script/Ingame/Animation/Skin/Colormask/Washable and more by L'Affreux ModdeurGood Games and contact the modder for modification!
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