FS19 Classic Cars Pack 1 V1.0.0.4

FS19 Cars

FS19 Classic Cars Pack 1 V1.0.0.4

Included in Pack;
Added BMW 328 1939
Added Bugatti Type 35 1924

-Custom Display for the showroom
-Color Selection
-Same features as the rest of the cars

1926 Cunningham Ambulance

Working on sounds, hard to tell what something sounded like in 1926. I want some backfire.
*Animated Engine Fan
*Police Armored version
* Animated display booth (x Key)
* Open rear door, load small items (k/m Keys)
*Emergency Lights, (homeKey)
*Raise and lower hood (J/N key)
* Siren , (hold both mouse buttons and slide up/down)
* Color Selection, 2 tone
* Custom dirt and wear maps (u need the Texture pack)
* when the display is activated, audio will play when u approach the stand. it changes based on your selection of ambulance or police. History of the car.
Bently 7.1 L – 1933
*Color select, 2 Tone
*Animations for Trunk & hood
*Custom Dirt & wear textures
*Rear hitch, to make it useful
GT40 – 1966 – Le Mans Champion
*Color select, 2 Tone, custom Colors
*Animations for (Trunk, hood Left Mouse) & (doors X Key)
*Pace Car Decals and Yellow Flasher, choice at Purchase
*Police Decals and Police flashers, choice at Purchase
*Hold Right click and slide up for Pace car anthem or Siren
*Several Engine Versions for the Mark Versions Create in Real life

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