FS19 Nevada ZA v006

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FS19 Nevada ZA v006

Nevada, ZA. Our Family farm I grew up on inspired this map, together with some wishfull thinking the map was born. I took the best features of our farm and surrounding area and nestled it with FS19 features.

6 Sellpoints, 17 fields (I mean really how many can you actually manage), Lime Quarry, 4 x Forests with around 6000 trees (pine and spruce)
Also a new addition is MUD… conditional mud and permanent mud on certain realistic areas of the map..

Of the 17 fields, 4 is not rectangular for those who want to do things by hand or courseplay workers..
Then there are a number of rectangular fields that can be ploughed into a random shaped field if 4 is not enough 🙂
And also many, many areas that can be ploughed into fields…

This is the field sizes:

Field 1 (field01) : 2.050 ha
Field 2 (field02) : 2.069 ha
Field 3 (field03) : 1.066 ha
Field 4 (field04) : 1.065 ha
Field 5 (field05) : 15.269 ha
Field 6 (field06) : 8.382 ha
Field 7 (field07) : 6.137 ha
Field 8 (field08) : 7.686 ha
Field 9 (field09) : 13.995 ha
Field 10 (field10) : 7.536 ha
Field 11 (field11) : 8.107 ha
Field 12 (field12) : 5.354 ha
Field 13 (field13) : 3.150 ha
Field 14 (field14) : 8.666 ha
Field 15 (field15) : 7.843 ha
Field 16 (field16) : 2.449 ha
Field 17 (field17) : 5.866 ha

It has multifruit: Carrot, onion, hops, rye, poppy, spelt, millet, tritycale, tabacco, Lucern

All standard FS19 Animals

Extra challenges:

4×4 Track, Hill Climb Challenge, Keep score who can go fastest up the hill…
for those who want to have some crazy stupid fun in multi player…

18 new Birds/Animals sounds added to the map, they are scattered over the map and can be heard only in different spots, once you have discovered them you can mark them. I will release a list of them soon on my blog.  Best is to travel on horseback or walk.
So see if you can find them all, some only start round 9am and 3 others are nocturnal only starts 9pm then obviously the daytime ones sleep at night 🙂

If that is not enough crazy, get your buddies together for multiplayer fun and when you sit around waiting for crops to grow see whom of you can ramp over the small dam? Build up speed on the main road between BGS and Field13 and see if you can clear the small dam 🙂 … it is loads of fun…

Standard game starts with Farm, 2x Lands, 5 fields and a huge array of equipment, but not the big stuff, this is so there is much room for expansion and growth. But there is way enough to start and have lots of fun from the word go.

On Medium difficulty, it starts up according to standard game. You cant buy the Nevada farm at the start, but you can still make a pretty neat startup at the sheep farm (Uncles Place) or if you buy land with field1 to 4 there is a nice spot next to the small dam which is level, and free water on both these options close by.

Max or Hard level, your only startup option is to dig into the missions till you have enough money or  go for the now many smaller affordable pieces of lands for a starting points..

I really hope you enjoy the map.. if you follow my blog and comment on my website you can always keep track of map progress and newer versions..

Take care,

ian (Farmer BoB)

I have so many to thank as this was my first ever map build.1. Giants for making an awesome game, and a very difficult game editor :)2. Shywizzard (brother i learned a lot) 3. Who ever made Countyline, Oakfield, FOMC and Greenwhich Valley and also NebraskaLands I borrowed and learned a lot there from all these maps.... Thank you so much guys :)4. Farmer Klein... dont forget to mention you boet, also saw some handy things at your channel5. Last but most of all The Lord Jesus for creating this amazing planet and also our amazing farm where i grew up on..
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