FS19 Novgorodovka Map v1.0.0.0

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FS19 Novgorodovka Map v1.0.0.0

A very large and spacious map with a size of x4 16 km2. There are 67 fields on the map. The card is used for weak PCs, because there are no productions on it. (you can add them yourself, if you wish) This map is based on the prototype of a real village located in Rasskazovsky district, Tambov region. The map already has its own history. Its author – Roman Filatov, once implemented it into the game at Fs 13. Now work is underway to implement it in 19 Fs. You will be informed about all the news and work on the construction of the map on the wall of this community! Welcome! UPDATE ON NOVGORODOVKA MAP RELEASED! 1. Made realistic sun 2. Redesigned dirt track 3. Increased hopper capacity 4. Added summer barn 5. Added summer pigsty 6. Added realistic weight of crops in trailers 7. Added realistic crop harvesting 8. Added edge of the map 9. Made optimization of the map 10 .Added transportation of people for the place of pallets 11.Added new objects 12.Added collision in warehouses and silos 13.Added new crops 14.Added contracts in the fields 15.Added new textures 16.Added new areas in the village 17.Added adaptation to fashion on the dirt “real Mud” 18.Increased dispersion of lanterns 19.Added corners on the field 20.Added a convenient hire 21. Removed conflict with the mods “Straw Harvest” and “Maize” 22.Added a repair shop 23.Changed the grass to Scandinavian 24.Changed NPC names 25. Added names for icons. 26. Added weed and refined grain. Attention! A fix has been released! 1.Now the field-plot is 1 to 1 2.field no. 7 is divided in half for the course display 3. the piles for manure for cattle and pigs are hidden 4. the number of lamps in the warehouses has been reduced 5. the price tag for sorghum has been corrected 6. the trigger at stops has been corrected 7. the texture of the cultivation is no longer repeated 8. added collisions for the roof 9. removed some collisions from objects 10. fixed hanging when buying in a winter pigsty 11. corrected straw in summer cattle 12. corrected cans in summer cattle 13. removed plowing under the road for mud 14 added collision for workshop floor. 15.changed the texture of the track to the old 16.corrected the weight and yield of crops.

Roman Filatov
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