FS19 Unimog U1200, U1400, U1600 v1.1.0

FS19 Trucks

FS19 Unimog U1200, U1400, U1600 v1.1.0

Changelog V1.1:
Support for Universal Passenger (passenger script) installed
Attacher added for superstructures (e.g. for the Hunter4987 superstructure tank)
Polygons reduced (almost 50,000 polygons saved)
Missing grille decal added
Fixed rubber seat
The incorrect wear of some parts has been corrected
Camera changed (because of black lines across the map)
Fixed the Unimog slipping in the booth
Pendulum axis deflection slightly increased
Suspension set for all tires
Speedometer display set more precisely
AO shadow removed under the front license plate
Hole in the console closed (inner part was slightly shifted).
The front and rear hydraulics now lift further
The rear hydraulic system lifts a little further if you select a platform with a cutout or without a platform
Hydraulic sound added to the front and rear hydraulics
Hydraulic sound added when tipping the platform
Attachersound better adjusted
If the roof hatch cannot be opened due to the air conditioning system being installed, the IC trigger crosses are no longer displayed there
The shredder only filled the Unimog up to 98%
License plate scaling adjusted (now more like the original)
Some mod silos were able to fill the Unimog even without a platform
Braking effect somewhat reduced
Unimog rolls out a little longer
Front wheel clip distances increased to 300 meters
Clip distances from the engine and various chassis parts reduced
With the Config with side flaps and cutout, the Unimog loading area weight can now be attached using an attacher
Platform floor colli on the Unimog lowered without a platform and front flap colli removed
Front flap lever removed from configs without side wall (due to animation)
Position lights scaled to 0.75 width and the left position light moved to the rear
Shift indicator in the cockpit center section set to dark green
The missing numbers 1 3 5 7 in the switching display have been added
Flatbed colli did not tip over (fixed)
Tension belts did not tip over (fixed)
Tensioning hooks and eyelets on the side wall for the tarpaulin did not go with the animation when tipping over
Platform with cutout now with 2 tension belts (instead of 3)
Positioning of the indicator in the front right adjusted
Here is another FBM conversion
Unimog U1200, U1400, U1600

The Unimog has the following features:
Configurable as U1200, U1400 and U1600
6 engine versions from 125 HP to 241 HP
7 platform configurations
Front and rear hydraulics configurable
23 different tire-rim combinations
18 real Unimog colors
Separate loading area concrete weight in the shop category “weights”
LS19 texture system
RMT (realManualTransmission)
SimpleIC for doors, windows, interior lighting and roof hatch
Important: For everything to work, at least SimpleIC is required!

Further configuration options:
Roof air conditioning
Bull catcher bracket on the roof
None, one or two beacons
With or without a Unimog side sticker
Three exhaust variants
Standard sound or gear shift sound
Additional headlights
Sun visor
Horn with horn sound
Different colors and materials for the platform floor
Color config of the tarpaulin

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