FS19 Volksbrunn Seasons ready v2.2

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FS19 Volksbrunn Seasons ready v2.2

Volksbrunn V2.2 Seasons ready
Animal pen extension installed in the cows and pigs. Download Mod
Fermentation residues, manure, liquid manure and wood chips sale inserted at the stations.
Straw, grass and hay sale inserted at some stations.

There is no need to start a new game!

Volksbrunn V2.1 Seasons ready
Seasons Mod ready Download Mod
Railway barriers inserted at the station east (only available with a new score!)
Grass can now be drawn in the game
Rail crossing across from the yard
The dirt in the pigs is now in the stable
Flags inserted at the dealer

Acceptance of the bales from the Anderson addon at the cattle dealer
When using the Seasons Mods a new score must be started, without the mod can be the old score. As a precaution, make a copy of the old game.

Volksbrunn V2.0
The yard was redesigned.
Pigsty and cowshed inserted by Kastor.
Glue brick hall and gas station inserted by VertexDezign.
Straw storage away.
Hofsilo exchanged for the small one.
Ride silo away.
Small chicken farm swapped for big.
The shelters are now lit.
The Start Drescher has been swapped.

It is now possible to change the price multiplier at each sales station and add more fruits. It only works if you start a new game after changing a value!
The folder’s Sellpoints folder contains the corresponding xml files. Likewise one can change now also with the BGA various attitudes. The xml is also in the Sellpoints folder.

In the meadow at the sawmill now no more heaps arise when mowing.
The yard still offers enough space for placeable objects.

It must be started a new score!

Your biface

Volksbrunn V1.1
Fixed a bug with the silo.
Fence on the yard a little overworked.
It must be started a new score!

Volksbrunn V1.0
Here I offer you the map Volksbrunn for download.
The Volksbrunn is a converted Felsbrunn Standard Map.
A complete new yard was created elsewhere with all the animals on the farm.
The dealer moved near the yard.
Where the fields 4 and 5 were is now a large, flat meadow.
There are also better launch vehicles.
The electricity pylons were removed.
Please keep in mind that the map could still be mistakes!
I always try to fix them in a timely manner.

I hope you have a little fun with the map.

Original Map: Giants1LS12: Unterstand: Redi90: WaschplatzKastor: Kuh und Schweine FarmVertexDezign: Leimbinderhalle und TankstelleRealismus Modding: Seasons ModGtx: Animal Pen Extension
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