FS19 Western Australia v1.0.0.0

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FS19 Western Australia v1.0.0.0

4-fold map in the Australian style
Welcome to Western Australia!
This is a 4-fold map, which was designed exclusively for agriculture and is found in western Australia, in the so-called “cereal belt” again.
Everything is designed for the cultivation of market fruits. No BGA, no forest, no animals, and no land prepared for it.
Why? – This is my first map in the 19er, and serves as an entry point for further projects and was intended from the beginning as pure Ackermap.
Here, on about 1500ha farmland, the great Giants original machines show what they were built for.
There are 4 points of sale, 3 grain traders where all threshing crops can be sold and 1 trader where grass, straw, hay and cotton can be sold.
Liquid fertilizer and herbicide can be bought directly at the farm from large tanks, lime is available from the dealer.
Everything else has to be bought by the shop.
This is the V1, there will be even more improved versions. For example, I’ll be adding more terrain angles soon, as well as fixing any flaws.
Have fun in the field! Greetings DecanKane.

Info for external hosts // Information for external hosts:
It is forbidden to publish the map with another DL-Link! It is forbidden to publish the map with another downloadlink.
It is forbidden to publish the map in modified form, with other DL-Link! It’s forbidden, to publish the map in a changed version with another DL-Link!
Please respect the work and stay tuned! Please respect the work and take care of this!

Log errors
– none known in the SP.
– in the MP an error – a file should be too large according to server log

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3 Responses

  1. Eugene Hall says:

    Sell points and triggers and silo not in the map. no where to buy or sell or store crops, if a silo is placed on the map then all the crops given at the start as new farmer appear in the silo??

  2. Hulk Smash Gaming says:

    Downloaded the map, Looks amazing, but the sell points and triggers are not visible or usable. Would love to play this map, but can’t until it’s fixed.

    • CertifiedGenius says:

      Yeah, if you enable the dev console for fs19, and then press f5 you can see that there are collisions for the storage silo and tip trigger on the main farm, but you cannot tip anything into them. I just tested it today.

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