Greatfields 600Ha BETA5 FS17

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Greatfields 600Ha BETA5 FS17

17 selling points – All new
2x very big reffinery (40 000l/h, 2 000 000 l capacity)
More flat areas for own placeables

Bardzo duża mapa, idealna do dodatku Big Bud, z wielkimi polami i ogromnym lasem. Wszystkie zwierzęta, są umiejscowione w jednym miejscu, na farmie gracza.
W pełni grywalna, nie ukończona wersja. Muszę dodać kilka rzeczy, takich jak budynki w mieście, więcej świateł, drzew (w lesie) i inne dekoracje. Pola od 0.6Ha do 600 Ha!

Very big map perfect for Big Bud DLC, with big fields and huge forest. All animals are located in one place, on player’s farm.
Fully playable, not finished version. Need add a few things, like buildings in city, more lights, trees (in forest) and other decorations. Fields from 0.6 Ha to 600 Ha!


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11 Responses

  1. idiotfantasyboss says:

    Does the Map have traffic? I havent checked because its taking an hour to download. It better be big!

  2. idiotfantasyboss says:

    I cannot upload the map into the game, even after unziping and recompressing the file.

  3. Tomasz says:

    i cant load it too

  4. andreas says:

    Cant get the map to work eather =(

  5. Léa says:

    Carte ne se greffe pas dans les mods et donc n’apparaît pas dans les mods finaux,a retravailler et à mettre en zip et non en rar.Dommage carte m’interressant grandement

  6. Bart says:

    Sorry guys… I Know It was crap, but I thought I didn’t upload it correct. Tonight I’ll upload much beter version. I forget add BETA in title.

  7. Bart1986PL says:

    17 selling points – All new
    2x very big reffinery (40 000l/h, 2 000 000 l capacity)
    More flat areas for own placeables

  8. angel says:

    is possible extract Mischfutter station the this map?

  9. jeremy says:

    awsome map just one issue for me. in the top forest area there is a lot of floating trees that i cannot cut down at all other than that the rest is great 🙂

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