MAZ 6317 Gear box v2.3.2 FS17

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MAZ 6317 Gear box v2.3.2 FS17

MAZ-6317 for Farming Simulator 17
Completely adapted to work with the Gear box
(Gear box modes on the gearbox)
If you play without a gear box, then nothing terrible trucks work fine and without it.
In order for the mod to work correctly with the gear box, the pack had to be scattered by categories.
The correct number of transfers and subordinate numbers are prescribed.
Now the truck has 9 gears forward and 1 back.
And also replaced the texture of the cabin.
(Below links to modes with different cabin textures)

The mod includes 4 modifications of the MAZ-6317 truck: a tractor, an onboard truck, a timber carrier and a dumper.
– Power: 243 kW / 330 hp;
– Speed: 80 km / h;
– Fuel tank capacity: 350 liters;
– Price: tractor – 64 213 €, onboard – 64 873 €, timber carrier – 64 925 €, dumper – 65 058 €;
– Cost of service per day: tractor – 560 €, onboard – 560 €, timber carrier – 542 €, dumper – 560 €;
– Animated suspension, propeller shafts, mud flaps, engine, exhaust, air intake and mirrors;
– Its physics;
– Have a trailing device;
– There are belts on the side body and timber carrier;
– Log truck has a function of auto-selection of logs 2-4 m;
– Working lights;
– Working dashboard;
– Working mirrors;
– They leave traces;
– Dirty and wash;
– Sold in category “trucks”

SpiTires, Вантяй, Кирюха
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