Mc´s agrarian world Update FS17

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Mc´s agrarian world Update FS17

Version Update
1.stopMilkSale mit GE eingebaut somit entfällt der Kauf des schildes im Spiel und muss nicht im Modordner sein
2.Katoffel gewaschen Korrektur Kartoffeln gewaschen geändert
3.Doppeltes Symbol an den Tankstellen korrigiert und man steht nicht mehr im gebäude
4.Neues Cowsilo auf Hof und BGA eingebaut
5.Schriftzug auf Startbildschirm korrigiert

Hereby I present my first completely selfmade Mc_s_Agrarwelt_V_1 Map. Since about 8 months I was working on the map, where I had to learn a lot of new things. A lot of patience and a lot of mistakes cost me a lot of nerves and I was close to throwing everything. However, what many others can do is not that hard, I thought. Well, so go ahead and not give up was the motto. Now I am ready and would like to make you available to the public. Maybe one or the other will also like the map. I also thank some modders and map farmers for many tips and advice given to me.

What was installed?
18.Hafen x 2
20.Rum and whiskey distillery
22.Wash roads for vehicles
23.Beach, mountains, hills
24.Animated lights in halls as well as terrain, animals, zeppelin, plane, etc

And and and much more

It will be a generous yard your own in which a lot was built. The map offers many possibilities to spend many hours playing on the map.

Fruit varieties:
Standard fruit varieties: Wheat, barley, oilseed rape, soybeans, potatoes, sugar beets, oil radish

Sunflowers, corn

Additional fruit varieties: oats, rye, spelled, triticale (mixed grain), millet,

Hops (cereal cutting), carrots and onions

Other required mods:
Important: To transport animals (cows, sheep, pigs) to the slaughterhouse, the
Livestock trailer FS17_LS540 needed by Kastorfood finishing mod, because the trigger only with
This trailer makes it possible to unload the animals.
FS17_StopMilkSale Credits By Marhu

Description of the mod stopMikSale: By default, the milk is sold automatically. To prevent this because you want to sell the milk yourself or for the productions needs more products, the modder Marhu has designed the stopMilksale.

Use of the stopMilksale: The Mod simply move into the modfolder of your mods and buy the stopMilksale in the shop at the start of the map and place in one place on the map. Thus, the automated sale of milk is prevented.

Choppedstraw Mod Optional

Those who do not want to use Chopped Straw should not copy the mod “FS17_choppedStraw” into the modfolder of the game. It is then not used. There are no disadvantages. Only one should decide with a restart of the game to use it or not, since with previously played and stored scores the straw in the fields can not be reversed any more.

For the use of choppedStraw it is absolutely necessary to download the ChoppedStraw.ZIP. Are there at Giants on the mod HUB; download and in the modfolder.


To get correct display of the textures of the fruit trees.

more Trees

By the construction of many maps also these with many trees the border or number of the permitted trees was exceeded. To plant more trees or seedlings this mod is needed.

FSM_HolmerPack_LS17 For the harvest of carrots and onions is the Holmerpack needed

to find on the side of the FSM team in the net under downloads

Log entries, like this one:

Warning: ‘C: /Users/Mustermann/Documents/MyGames/FarmingSimulator2017/mods/FSM_HolmerPack_LS17/holmerTerraDosT4_40.xml’ has invalid fillType ‘redcabbage’usw.

Are just hints that the devices can fruit, which are not installed on the map and can be ignored!
Please register. It only takes a few minutes and you benefit from numerous other links and mods.

Please use the original links to support and respect modders. Many Thanks
All links are in the document and can be accessed directly
Further important information can be found in the attached document.
Please read everything exactly to the end. Thanks

I would be glad about a positive feedback. But also suggestions and criticism are not a problem.

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  1. Ron says:

    Hi! i have tried to play Mc’s Agrarian world up date twice first time i harvest fields one & two also using follow me and a round bailer no problems couldn’nt find last gold at one of the log cabins so i started a new game this time i harvest fields one & two this time useing follow me and a loading wagon the follow me didn’t work as it should and the loading only filled up half way uesed a diffrent loading wagon it only picked up every second row and the follow me didn’t work properly i wasn’t useing any mods i think the game would be great but is there any more faults regards Ron

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