Provence Profonde V 1.1 Seasons FS17

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Provence Profonde V 1.1 Seasons FS17

Version 1.1Seasons
Auf Wunsch einiger User habe ich die Map für den Seasons Mod vorbereitet.
Ferner habe ich noch Verkehr eingefügt und einige optische Änderungen (bei 2 Verkaufstellen) vorgenommen.

Es ist ein neuer Spielstand notwendig.

Version 1.1Seasons
At the request of some users, I have prepared the map for the Seasons Mod.
Furthermore, I have added traffic and made some visual changes (at 2 points of sale).

A new score is needed.

Welcome to the Provence Profonde
I once made the Belgique Profonde from FraBel LS17 and completely rebuilt according to my wishes and needs. Back to the original size of LS13 and again to a unique flair. In the hope to meet the taste of 1-2 users I would like to share this map with you.
If you unpack the file you will also discover 2 placeable mods (soymilk production, farm silo). These are already placed. Who wants to use this on the map, please before the game start with in the modfolder (is not mandatory).
You will also find photos to explain and examples to place the straw recovery addon.
The fields with lavender are only deco for optical reasons.

The features of the map:

27 fields of all sizes (4 owned, 8 missions)
3 meadows
3 outlets (Aveve, Biocer, Moulin (mill))
2 farms (Livestock farm with green economy, LU ETA for field agriculture)
Dairy farm with corresponding triggers
Mucking out the cows in the stable
Otherwise all standards from LS17, so nothing special.

Optional mods required:
Kotte universal pack
choppedStraw, stopMilkSale
The map is not Seasons Ready and it will not be synonymous because I have used for reasons of vegetation variety in addition to the trees from LS17 and trees from LS15.
My personal decision.
If you have questions about the map please via PN. I do not answer any questions that are already answered in this description or the photos. The map has no errors in the log, should you show up errors so the cause is in any mod in your modfolder.
My special thanks again wee5t for the great videos and the good support.
Now I can only wish a lot of fun.

Idee / Konzept: FraBel, ritchif




Slowtide 63






robbie/RW Modding

Medas, Raklin




Mappers Pradise

NKB Modding

Ich möchte mich bei allen Moddern bedanken deren Objekte ich verbaut habe, aber deren Namen ich nicht mehr zurückverfolgen kann. Bitte eine PN an mich und ich werde es selbstversänlich nachtragen.
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